Windows Phone went from 2% to 15% market share in New Zealand

Things are looking up for the Windows Phone platform. Recently, Nokia overtook Samsung in Russia. Now it has gone from 2% to 15% in the New Zealand market, with Nokia Lumia handsets such as the Nokia Lumia 520 leading the pack.Windows-Phone-7-HTC-Trophy-first-Vodafone-New-Zealand reports, “Microsoft New Zealand says it is finally getting good reception with its Windows Phone smartphone platform: general manager Paul Muckleston claims it hit 15 per cent of the Kiwi market in July.”

Muckleston said, “Windows Phone for our previous financial year ending June 2012 was 2 per cent of the market. For the full 12 months ending June 30 this year, it was 4.5 per cent. In the quarter that ended June 30, it was 8.5 per cent, in July it was 15 per cent, in the last 12 months we have got another 9 per cent share.”

The site adds, “Muckleston shared Microsoft’s internal market share figures at this week’s Microsoft Tech Ed 2013 conference in Auckland, New Zealand’s biggest annual technology event, putting the growth down to Finnish cellphone maker Nokia’s colourful Lumia range of Windows Phones.”

Nokia’s Lumia range is the biggest seller among all Windows Phone handsets in New Zealand. According to the site, “Nokia’s Lumia range, which makes up 80 per cent of the sales in the New Zealand market, has an entry level Lumia 520 for $299, which is available in black, red, yellow and white. At the top end is the record breaking 41 megapixel camera-sporting Lumia 1020, which Nokia will launch via Telecom for $1149 in the last week of this month.”

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