W180 Motorola Phone on Pay As You Go UK

The new Motorola W180 has now been launched as a Pay As You Go mobile phone in the UK, after first being released as an Orange contract handset consumers can now buy the new W180 from Motorola without having to sign up to a lengthy contrct deal.

The Motorola W180 pay as you go is ideal as a present for others or as a replacement for a lost or stolen phone, even those who struggle to pass the network credit checks can buy this new Motorola phone.


Motorola W180
Motorola W180




The Motorola W180 delivers all the tools to help users stay connected. The device is an affordable, easy-to use, attractive and high-quality mobile phone, with the added benefit of crystal clear communications and music with a built-in FM radio.

Full Functionality, No Tech Degree Required
The easy-to-use form factor gives you access to all of the tools you need – phone, data, music – in an intuitive user interface. The friendly FM radio and SMS interfaces, combined with a large display and sleek keypad, deliver an enjoyable navigation and viewing experience. And long battery life allows plenty of standby time and talk time between charges.


W180 Motorola
W180 Motorola



Clear Winner
No longer will you have to shout into a handset or turn up the volume to hear the person on the other end. Motorola’s CrystalTalk™ technology makes it possible to have natural phone conversations as well as enhanced ringtones, even in noisy environments, by helping enhance the audio signal so your ear can hear it best. Simply compose texts with one key access and save up to 750 of them. The internal phonebook and can hold up to 500 phone numbers so important contacts are never out of reach.

Amplify the Level of Personalisation
Carry your music with you by listening to FM radio on your mobile device through stereo or through speakerphone. And personalize the calls you receive with 20 preloaded 32 channel polyphonic ringtones and 15 standard alert ringtones. For even more customization, access more than 40 additional downloadable iMelody ringtones.

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