User agent profile reveals Samsung SM-G900A headed to AT&T – believed to be the Galaxy S5

Dutch-speaking GalaxyClub came across a user agent profile, revealing the Samsung SM-G900A which is headed to AT&T, a US network operator. The SM-G900A is believed to be the hotly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5.


PhoneArena spotted GalaxyClub’s report and says, “Samsung SM-G900A, claimed to be the AT&T version of the proverbial Galaxy S5, has appeared again – in a user agent profile this time. Oddly enough, the specs listed include a 1080p display, rather than the 2K one we are expecting Samsung’s flagship handset to be equipped with.”

It notes, “Naturally, the UAProf could be of a prototype device, so the reported specs and resolution might be far from final, so the takeaway here is that there is indeed a Samsung SM-G900A in the testing phases, just as the SM-G900F and SM-G900S versions, which already made their benchmarking rounds.”

Samsung is expected to officially unveil the Samsung Galaxy S5 in its own special event in New York City in March. We’ll know by then if the rumours are true.

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