The Samsung Galaxy S4 Proves A Hit As It Surpasses 20 Million Sales

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently the most talked about smartphone in the world and has reached extraordinary levels of success since its launch just over two months ago. The model was tipped to be massively popular even ahead of its release and these predictions look to have been proven correct following the revelation of the latest sales figures for the superb handset.galaxy s4

We first saw the Samsung Galaxy S4 hit shelves at the end of April and hopes were high that the model would beat the level of success reached by previous generation handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S2. It has now been revealed that the S4 shifted over 20 million units in just two months which puts the phone on course to become the South Korean manufacturers most popular smartphone of all time. This conflicts with reports that emerged recently which stated that production of the device had been decreasing following a drop in demand. JK Shin is the CEO of Samsung and he revealed the latest figures stating that the milestone was reached before the end of June. To put the figure into perspective the Galaxy S3 took one month longer to hit 20 million sales.

A key factor behind the high levels of success that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has already achieved is the excellent range of features that the model boasts. Perhaps the most impressive of these make use of the eye tracking technology which is part of the model. An example of this is Smart Pause which pauses video playback when the user looks away from the screen and also the super Smart Scroll function which automatically scrolls on selected pages. The features are not the only impressive aspect of the model and the specification is also superb. The Super AMOLED display on the handset measure 5 inches and offers Full HD resolution while a power quad core Qualcomm processing chip is also present as is a 13 megapixel digital camera facility.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has proven to be the success story that everybody had predicted and the model has managed to achieve 20 million sales within two months of its release. We can also look forward to variants of the device such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini to arrive soon.

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