Check out these new LG G5 case renders

LG is yet to make the LG G5 official. Despite this, two case makers are selling protective cases for the unannounced device on Amazon. The renders also give us a closer look at LG’s next flagship.

New LG G5 case renders

LG-G5-case-renders-by-Diztronic-and-LK-UltraLG-G5-case-renders-by-Diztronic-and-LK-Ultra (1)LG-G5-case-renders-by-Diztronic-and-LK-Ultra (2)LG-G5-case-renders-by-Diztronic-and-LK-Ultra (3)LG-G5-case-renders-by-Diztronic-and-LK-Ultra (4)LG-G5-case-renders-by-Diztronic-and-LK-Ultra (5)LG-G5-case-renders-by-Diztronic-and-LK-Ultra (6)LG-G5-case-renders-by-Diztronic-and-LK-Ultra (7)LG-G5-case-renders-by-Diztronic-and-LK-Ultra (8)LG-G5-case-renders-by-Diztronic-and-LK-Ultra (9)LG-G5-case-renders-by-Diztronic-and-LK-Ultra (10)LG-G5-case-renders-by-Diztronic-and-LK-Ultra (11)LG-G5-case-renders-by-Diztronic-and-LK-Ultra (12)LG-G5-case-renders-by-Diztronic-and-LK-Ultra (13)LG-G5-case-renders-by-Diztronic-and-LK-Ultra (14)

LK Ultra and Diztronic are the case makers responsible for the renders seen above. This isn’t the first time case renders of the LG G5 have been leaked, but this is the first time case renders show the rumoured dual camera setup of the device. They also show that LG has employed dual flash and laser auto focus.

Also shown is a circular cutout under the camera, which is believed to be for a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner is also the LG G5’s power button. The renders also line up with past rumours that claim LG has moved the volume rocker from the back to the side of the device. The LG G2, the LG G3, and the LG G4 all featured volume buttons on the back of the device.

Although a lot of what the renders show us mirror what past LG G5 rumours are claiming, the renders do not show us any signs of a special drawer-like mechanism that allows users to eject the battery from the metal chassis. This said, you should take these renders with a pinch of salt.

To recap, the LG G5 is rumoured to feature a dual camera setup, consisting of a 16-megapixel and an 8-megapixel sensor. This new rear-facing camera setup is said to allow users to change the field of focus after an image is captured. This camera also comes with 4K video recording support and optical image stabilisation. As for the LG G5’s front-facing camera, the device is said to feature an 8-megapixel snapper for taking selfies and video chat. It is said to feature a reversible Type-C USB port. It is said to feature a 5.6-inch screen with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels (Quad HD). Under the hood is said to be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC, which is a new and more powerful quad-core processor with an Adreno 530 GPU to handle graphics. 4 GB of RAM is expected to be on board. Lastly, it is expected to be 8.2 mm-thick, which is slightly thinner than the LG G4.

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