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LG to Launch LG GD910 Watch Phone on Orange

As watch mobile phones slowly make their way into the UK market with the recent release of the Epsom Watch Phone, LG have now announced that they will be teaming up with UK network operator Orange to launch a watch mobile phone of their own.

The LG GD910 Watch Phone in black and silver offers […]

Watch Mobile Phone Epsom ES1000T SIM Free UK

The first ever UK spec watch phone has now been released SIM Free in the UK, the new ES1000T from Epsom offers the latest in micro electronics and mobile communications right on your wrist!

The Epsom ES1000T SIM Free watch phone is unlocked to all networks so that users can simply insert their existing SIM […]

Epsom ES1000T Watch Mobile Phone SIM Free Release Date UK

A wristwatch that incorporates a mobile phone that is due to be released commercially for the first time in the UK has now been given an official SIM Free release date.

The Epsom Watch Phone also known as the Epsom ES1000T will be available to UK consumers fully unlocked to all networks from December 30th […]