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New Swap Watch Phone – Signature Watch Mobile Phone

Riding on the success of their first model, the mobile phone watch manufacturer Swap have now introduced a second new model called the Swap Signature mobile phone Watch. This new addition to the Swap Watch range gets rid of the rubberised materials used in the first release and opts instead for a stainless steel frame and smart leather strap.

The new Signature Swap Watch mobile phone also features a new 3D interface for a far better user experience, this latest model is available from free at just £25 per month on O2 400 + 500, this tariff does what it says on the tin giving you 400 Minutes and 500 text messages every month, the inclusive minutes are for calls to any network and at any time of day.

Further features of the new Swap Watch Signature edition include bluetooth for pairing with a Bluetooth headset if ‘star trek’ talking into your wrist is not for you, the 3D interface works through the watches touch screen and the Signature watch also features a camera with a 3 shot mode for capturing action shots and video support that can then be stored on the expandable memory using MicroSD cards up to 2GB.

Signature Swap Watch Mobile Phone
Signature Swap Watch Mobile Phone

The Signature Swap Watch will give you up to 180 minutes of talk time as well as 100 hours of standby, to charge the phone there’s a handy USB charger for charging on the go or from your home PC.

The sWap Watch doesn’t just double as a mobile phone – it’s like having a multimedia centre strapped to your wrist, and all without the crushing shoulder strain. Want to listen to music? Take Pictures? Watch a movie? Make a movie? It does all of these.

If you really get bored (and with this watch, it’s hard to see how you could) you could even check the time (from one of the many different watch faces stored in it’s memory) or make a phone call. The watch will accept most SIM cards, so upgrading is hassle free and making calls couldn’t be simpler – just plug in the hands free kit and you’re good to go. If you really want to go one step beyond and banish those pesky wires along with your mobile phone then you’ll be ecstatic to hear that the watch is Bluetooth compatible. You won’t even have to fork out for the headset as it’s included in the package.

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Other new Mobile Phone Watches:

LG GD910 Watch Phone


LG to Launch LG GD910 Watch Phone on Orange

As watch mobile phones slowly make their way into the UK market with the recent release of the Epsom Watch Phone, LG have now announced that they will be teaming up with UK network operator Orange to launch a watch mobile phone of their own.

The LG GD910 Watch Phone in black and silver offers full LCD colour touch screen capabilities alongside 3G technology, there is also built-in Bluetooth and an inbedded MP3 player.


08/12/09 – LG Watch Phone GD910 Released

LG GD910 Watch Mobile Phone
LG GD910 Watch Mobile Phone

The most striking thing about this particular watch mobile phone is that it is far slimmer (just 13.9mm) than other models currently being imported from the Chinese markets, a major bug-bear foir UK consumers.

But how will the UK market react to waering their phone on their wrist? Being a nation of text-a-holics who just love tapping out those intimate messages on keypads and keyboards it will be interesting to see the take up of this new technology. (Although there is Text-to-Speech for reading your incoming messages aloud!)

LG Watch Phone GD910
LG Watch Phone GD910

So far the Epsom ES1000T Watch Phone has not wowed the masses, maybe down to its size or more importantly to the UK consumer demands.

Using a watch phone is very different to holding a conventional handset to your ear, firstly your have to choose whther to talk hands-free like a Star-Trek anorak or pair with a Blueototh headset (still looking like a Star-Trek anorak.

Watch Phone LG GD910
Watch Phone LG GD910

Then there’s the issue of dialling numbers, with such a small 1.43 inch screen its takes some concentration to select numbers from the display, voice dialling is always an option but as we all know too well can be unreliable!

Time will tell if watch phones are the future of mobile communication in the UK, we will hedge our bets and say – probably not.

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Watch Mobile Phone Epsom ES1000T SIM Free UK

The first ever UK spec watch phone has now been released SIM Free in the UK, the new ES1000T from Epsom offers the latest in micro electronics and mobile communications right on your wrist!

The Epsom ES1000T SIM Free watch phone is unlocked to all networks so that users can simply insert their existing SIM card to retain their mobile number, account details and any saved contacts.


Watch Phone Epsom ES1000T
Watch Phone Epsom ES1000T
  • Network: GSM900/DCS1800/1900, GSM850/PCS 1800/1900
  • 1.3″ 260k TFT Touch Screen, supports handwriting
  • 1.3 Mega pixel Camera
  • Built-in 64M Memory
  • Support SMS, MMS, GPRS, WAP
  • MP3/MP4 player
  • Supports recording
  • Ring Tone – 64 polyphonic, supports MP3, Midi, Wav, Incoming ring tones, photos & movies
  • Support T-Flash card up to 2GB (1GB included)
  • Other function: WAP, STK, Bluetooth, MMS, Hands Free, Group Messaging, Wallpaper, Games, Animated screen savers
  • Languages: English, French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Thai
  • Talk time: up to 150h
  • Standby time: up to 100h
  • Accessories: Mobile Phone Watch, Dual-stereo Bluetooth Earpiece, Headphones, Stylus Pen, USB cables, 2 Batteries, 1 Direct Charger, Travel charger, User Manual, Presentation box
  • This is a phone with a difference! A fully functional Bluetooth mobile phone is concealed within a stylish watch. A responsive touchscreen ensures it’s easy to operate, and it includes all the features you would expect from a normal mobile phone, including camera, MP3 playback and games.

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    Epsom ES1000T Watch Mobile Phone SIM Free Release Date UK

    A wristwatch that incorporates a mobile phone that is due to be released commercially for the first time in the UK has now been given an official SIM Free release date.

    The Epsom Watch Phone also known as the Epsom ES1000T will be available to UK consumers fully unlocked to all networks from December 30th 2008!

    BLOG UPDATE: 07/01/09 Epsom ES1000T Watch Phone Released UK

    Epsom ES1000T Watch Phone
    Epsom ES1000T Watch Phone

    The Epsom ES1000T is a phone with a difference! A fully functional Bluetooth mobile phone is concealed within a stylish watch. A responsive touchscreen ensures it’s easy to operate, and it includes all the features you would expect from a normal mobile phone, including camera, MP3 playback and games.

    Other features include a 1.3 megapixel camera, a 1.3″ full colour touchscreen, an MP3 and MP4 player for music aswell as video playback all packed into a normal sized watch – its Star Trek time!

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