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White Samsung Wave 723 – Samsung S7230 White – SIM Free

The new Samsung Wave 723 has just been given a white makeover and released as a SIM free phone, also known as the Samsung Wave S7230 White this new colour scheme joins the original black edition as well as the recently launched red and pink Samsung Wave models.

Samsung Wave 723 White deals SIM Free […]

Red Samsung 723 Wave – New Samsung Wave in Red

A new red edition of the Samsung Wave 723 which is also known as the Samsung S7230 has now been released as a SIM free phone, joining the original black and more recent pink editions of this new Samsung Wave phone the red model makes for an exciting and vibrant colour alternative.

Samsung 723 Wave […]

Pink Samsung Wave 723 Released – Samsung Wave Pink Deals

A new pink edition of the Samsung Wave 723 has been released today by Vodafone, the new Samsung Wave Pink edition replicates all that is great about the original Samsung 723 Wave but swaps outer shell for a new, metallic pink finish as well as the handy leather protective flap.

Samsung Wave 723 Pink deals […]

Samsung Wave 723 Deals Now on O2

The new Samsung Wave 723 has now been released on O2 deals, following this new Samsung Wave phones initial release as a SIM free handset the GT-S7230 can now be connected from free to the full range of O2 deals.

Samsung Wave 723 deals on O2 are available from just £10 per month with the […]

Samsung Wave 723 Launched Today – New Samsung Wave

Samsung have released another new Wave handset from their Bada operating system series, the new Samsung Wave 723 joins the recently released Samsung S5250 and S5330 and is also known as the Samsung GT-S723E and S7230.

This new Samsung Wave phone has been launched as a SIM free handset with no network branding or locks […]