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White Samsung Genio Slide Release Date & Price

A new white edition of the Samsung Genio Slide has now been given a release date as a SIM Free phone, joining the existing red and black model the new Samsung B5310 Genio Slide White offers the very same features and design but in a new black and white coloured housing which we think will probably be a more popular colour choice for many consumers.

The White Samsung Genio Slide is doe to be released on May 15th, however we have just received information that it could be ready for release as early as the end of this month, this new Genio Slide phones price is set at £179.99 as a SIM Free and unlocked handset but will undoubtedly be reduced as further retailers pick up the model.


29/04/10 – Samsung Genio Slide White Released

White Samsung Genio Slide B5310
White Samsung Genio Slide B5310

The Genio Slide is the cool way to connect. Not only is it packed with features, but it’s also got flair. You can interchange between the classic red and chic black cover – choose which based on your mood. And when you’re in the mood to message, Genio’s convenient widget icons give you instant access to your favourite social networking sites. Update your Twitter status or send that picture you just snapped to your best friend in just seconds.

No matter where in the world you are, you can let your world know exactly what you’re up to. With Genio’s cool Pop-up SNS you get easy access to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. You will never miss your friends’ updates, and more importantly, they will never miss yours. A convenient news feed keeps you automatically updated on all their latest statuses and comments.

Show your friends and family how much fun you’re having on holiday – while you’re on holiday. The Samsung Genio Slide grants you easy access to your seven favourite community sites – Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, Friendster and Photobucket – so you can instantly upload your wish-you-were-here photos and share every memorable moment. No matter where you are, Genio lets you share your world with the world.

It’s all touch and go with the TouchWiz interface. With its cool vibration feedback, you can put your finger on the touch screen and feel the screen touch you right back. Drag your finger across the screen and get a light click. With 27 convenient widgets and 75 more available to download, your favourite features are always at your fingertips. Sometimes you need to examine things closely and quickly. No problem, Genio gives you the big picture and lets you double the size of what you are viewing.

Samsung Genio Slide White deals

Samsung Genio Slide deals

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