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Samsung features concept transparent display in video

If you thought Samsung is now at the pinnacle of mobile technology with the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Galaxy Nexus, and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, they have just released a video showing us what the future holds for smartphones and tablets. The Korean giant has just released a concept video featuring transparent AMOLED displays.

On the video, someone is shown using a flexible, paper-thin, and transparent tablet. The person walks around town using the transparent device. For now, it all looks like a device out of a sci-fi movie. However, it does show us what the future lies for mobile and tablet technology.

Transparent AMOLED displays have been keeping Samsung research and development labs quite busy for a few years now. In fact, its raw form has been featured at CES held every January. It definitely is fascinating technology, despite being in the development stages. It is AMOLED-based technology that lights up without having the need for back lights.

Although the flexible and transparent touchscreens are less likely to make an appearance on products by next year, we are now given an idea on what the future of the technology hold for us. We can’t help but feel excited. However, if ever Samsung manages to launch such a device in the market, Apple is likely to find a way to claim that Samsung’s flexible and transparent display infringes their patents. We’d actually be surprised if they didn’t.

Does Samsung’s transparent display excite you? Give us your thoughts.


Samsung challenges Nokia’s bendable Kinetic concept phone with its own prototype sporting a flexible AMOLED display

At Nokia World 2011, the Finnish phone manufacturer featured its bendable phone the Kinetic prototype. This was a handset that was meant to be bent. Making use of the phone’s features would require the user to bend the phone in various ways. With this much flexibility, this also meant that you would never have to worry about accidentally breaking the phone’s display whenever you sit down and forget the phone in still in your back pocket. However, it looks like the concept is not unique to Nokia. Samsung also has a flexible display in development.

The Korean tech giant featured its version of flexible displays at CES 2011 back in January. Not only is the display bendable; it is also shatter proof. In a video the screen was bashed numerous times by a sledgehammer, displaying remarkable durability. To top it all off, this display is actually an AMOLED. Imagine a Samsung Galaxy S2 or Galaxy Nexus sporting AMOLED displays such as these. The phones would be indestructible.

Although Samsung failed to give us more details on these flexible and indestructible AMOLED displays, according to the company’s spokesperson, the Korean tech giant is planning to incorporate the technology into their devices sometime in 2012. We can hardly wait.