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Vodafone 543 Purple Pay As You Go – Purple Vodafone VF 543

A new purple edition of the Vodafone 543 has just joined the recently released pink and original black VF 543 models, offering exactly the same great value for money this latest purple touch screen phone is one of the cheapest available.

Purple Vodafone 543 Pay As You Go deals are ideal for those that are on a budget but enjoy a touch screen experience and funky design, as a prepay phone the Vodafone 543 Purple can be bought for others as a present as well as making a great alternative for those that cannot get a contract deal due to a low credit rating.

Vodafone 543 Purple (VF 543)
Vodafone 543 Purple (VF 543)

The Vodafone 543 comes with a 2.4 inch TFT resistive touch screen which displays imagery of outstanding quality due to the 256,000 colours it is able to display within a 240 x 320 pixel screen size. The handset comes with the option of utilising either ring or the alternative of vibration alert options, with the added benefit of being able to use MP3 files as additional ringtones, to supplement the existing options.

The handset also offers hands free communication capability by virtue of the integrated speakerphone, whilst also providing a phone book and call records. The phone book has the added virtue of offering photo call functionality.

Connectivity is provided by virtue of a variety of connections which include USB and version 2.1 of Bluetooth, in conjunction with class 10 versions of EDGE and GPRS. The unit comes with SMS, MMS capability as well as a WAP 2.0 browser.

The Vodafone 543 Purple offers snapshot style image capture by virtue of its 1.3 megapixel camera, that operates at 1280 x 1024 pixels and takes imagery of sufficient quality to be able to be accurately displayed within the confines of its display screen.

This new Vodafone phone also offers a variety of entertainment options which include several games as well as a stereo FM radio with RDS and an MP4/MP3 media player. The radio offers the opportunity to listen to a wide range of radio broadcasts from stations around the country whilst the media player actively plays and supports a wide range of downloadable file formats.

The Vodafone 543, much like the Vodafone 547 is available in a variety of colours and also comes with a useful organiser and voice memo facility. The units popularity is down to a simple mix of functionality and affordability, offering as it does, advanced technology such as touch screen capabilities. It is both compact and lightweight whilst also retaining an aesthetic appeal that belies its price tag.

Purple Vodafone 543 deals

Vodafone 543 deals

Pink Vodafone 543


Pink Vodafone 543 – New Vodafone VF 543 Pink on PAYG

A new pink edition of the Vodafone 543 has been launched today, joining the original black model the new Vodafone 543 Pink offers exactly the same great design and features with a budget price tag.

Pink Vodafone 543 deals on Pay As You Go are ideal for a Christmas present as well as for those that do not like the expense of a contract deal, users of the new prepay Vodafone 543 Pink edition can simply top up their calling credit as and when needed.

Pink Vodafone 543 (VF-543 Pink)
Pink Vodafone 543 (VF-543 Pink)

Want music wherever you go? The 543 lets you play the popular MP3 and ACC file formats. If you fancy a change from your own tunes, check out your favourite FM radio station. Then sit back and enjoy great music with your headphones or the built-in speaker

The Pink Vodafone 543 has a handy software suite, letting you sync contact data, music and videos to your PC simply. It’s also got three covers – pink, black and patterned – so you can dress it for any occasion.

The Vodafone 543 also has 1.3 megapixel camera for capturing life’s special moments, plus an on-screen indicator that tells you how much credit you’ve got left – all in a good-looking, affordable touchscreen phone.

Vodafone 543 Pink deals

Vodafone 543 deals

Vodafone 543 Purple