Microsoft rolls out Lumia Denim update in China


If you own a Lumia device that runs Windows Phone 8.1 in China, rejoice as Microsoft China has just rolled out the Lumia Denim update. The Lumia Denim update has rolled out to the the Nokia Lumia 520, Nokia Lumia 525, Nokia Lumia 526, Nokia Lumia 625, Nokia Lumia 720, Nokia Lumia 720T, and the […]

Windows Phone users can now play Candy Crush


Whether you like the game or now, Candy Crush Saga is the hottest game on mobile and on Facebook, with millions upon millions playing the game around the world. It looks like more people will be playing the game, as it is now available for Windows Phone.


Press release:

The World’s Sweetest Game […]

Microsoft Lumia 1030 (McLaren) pictured alongside Apple iPhone 6


The “McLaren” prototype that is believed to be the Microsoft Lumia 1030 has been leaked a number of times in the internet. It is a massive device with an equally massive 50-megapixel rear-facing PureView camera. Although reports said that plans to further develop the device has been shelved, this doesn’t explain why it has been […]

BMW to purchase 57,000 units consisting of the Lumia 630, 920, and 930 for employees?


According to a report from German-speaking luxury car maker based in Germany BMW has ordered 57,000 units of Windows Phone-powered devices from Microsoft. The phones will be used by BMW’s employees. Currently, its workforce uses older Nokia handsets that run Symbian.

So what models has the luxury car maker chosen for its workforce? […]

Microsoft shows what Cortana can do and what Siri can’t in new funny Lumia 830 ad


Microsoft’s new “affordable flagship,” the Nokia Lumia 830, is now out, and the Redmond firm has released a new ad for the smartphone. In the ad, the software giant shows what Cortana can do and what Siri on the Apple iPhone 6 can’t.

The ad starts off with Cortana on the Nokia Lumia 830 […]