Google SVP talks about Nokia X, the Google Nexus 6, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 still running Android

MWC 2014 confirmed and put a number of rumours to rest. However, it also raised a number of questions. First of all, with Nokia lifting the lid on the Android-powered Nokia X, how does Google feel about this? Secondly, will Google release the Nexus 6 in the first half of this year? Lastly, with Samsung [...]

Nokia officially unveils Nokia X, Nokia X+, and Nokia XL

Nokia has officially unveiled its affordable Android-powered smartphones the Nokia X, Nokia X+, and Nokia XL.

Nokia X and Nokia X+:

Nokia XL:

Nokia said in a press release, “The Nokia X family features Nokia’s renowned handset quality and design, with a fresh, tile-based user interface inspired by our Lumia family. All devices [...]

Nokia Lumia 1320 coming to the UK on the 24th of February

Nokia has announced that the Nokia Lumia 1320 phablet will be coming to the UK on the 24th of February.

Nokia announced in a press release, “Nokia introduces its larger than life Lumia 1320 to the UK market, bringing many of the high-end Lumia innovations to a 6-inch screen smartphone at a significantly lower [...]

Nokia Facebook page now green – Android handset incoming?

Nokia has changed its Facebook background colour from blue to green. Is this an indication that its rumoured Android-powered handset called the Nokia X (Normandy) is coming?

Today is Valentine’s Day. So it would be normal to change your colour for the day to red, but why green? It’s possible that the Finnish phone [...]

Microsoft tells iPhone 4S owners to ‘ditch that old Apple’ for a Lumia

Microsoft is telling Apple iPhone 4S owners via email to “ditch that old Apple” for a Nokia Lumia 1020 or a Nokia Lumia 1520.

The email titled “Ditch that old apple” reads, “You deserve something better, like the Nokia Lumia 1020 with a 41MP camera. Trade in you iPhone 4S, and get a Nokia [...]