Microsoft shows what Cortana can do and what Siri can’t in new funny Lumia 830 ad


Microsoft’s new “affordable flagship,” the Nokia Lumia 830, is now out, and the Redmond firm has released a new ad for the smartphone. In the ad, the software giant shows what Cortana can do and what Siri on the Apple iPhone 6 can’t.

The ad starts off with Cortana on the Nokia Lumia 830 […]

Here are the Nokia N1’s official specs

Nokia-N1-Android-tablet (1)

Nokia has surprised us all, not with an Android-powered smartphone, but an Android 5.0 (Lollipop)-powered tablet. Say hello to the affordable Nokia N1, and here are the tablet’s official specs.

Official Nokia N1 specs:




138.6 mm


6.9 mm


One-piece design Aluminum with surface anodisation


318 g


Natural […]

Nokia lifts the lid on Lollipop-powered Nokia N1 tablet


With Microsoft acquiring Nokia’s Devices & Services unit, there were rumours that the Finnish firm was planning to get back into the smartphone market with an Android-powered smartphone. This rumour turned out to be inaccurate, as Nokia’s CEO confirmed that it would no longer make smartphones. It seems, however, that part of the rumour was […]

Nokia to re-enter the smartphone market with an Android-powered flagship?


Microsoft has purchased Nokia’s “Devices & Services” unit, which means the software giant has the rights to sell Nokia-branded smartphones until 2016. However, a new report is claiming that the Finnish firm is working on a new flagship that runs Android.

The news comes to us courtesy of Chinese-speaking MyDrivers. According to the site, […]

Microsoft confirms ‘Nokia Lumia’ to be rebranded as ‘Microsoft Lumia’


Microsoft has confirmed with The Verge that it will be dropping the Nokia brand in its handsets and will be replacing it with “Microsoft.” So future handsets will carry the brand “Microsoft Lumia” instead of current Windows Phone handsets that carry the “Nokia Lumia” branding.

The Verge reports:

Microsoft started dropping hints about its […]