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Xpress Music 5610 by Nokia Now SIM Free – Nokia 5610 in Red

The new Red edition Nokia 5610 has now been released as a SIM free handset, consumers no longer have to sign up to a new contract deals to get a new Nokia 5610, they can simply pay for the phone and insert their existing SIM card as all SIM free phones are unlocked to all […]

Nokia 5610 Red Xpress Launched on Virgin Mobile – Nokia 5610

The new Nokia 5610 Red edition has now been released on Virgin Mobile in the UK, this new music orientated mobile phone was originally launched on O2, Orange and T-Mobile before being made available on Pay As You Go and later as a SIM Free handset.

The Virgin Mobile tariffs offer godd value for money […]

Nokia 5610 Red Xpress Music on Pay As You Go

The latest Xpress music phone – Nokia 5610 has today been released on pay as you go. After an initial launch on Vodafone and then on O2 theis new music handset is now available to people with not so good credit status and those who do not want to get tied into a 12 or […]

Nokia 5610 O2, nokia 5610 red Xpress Music on O2

The new Nokia 5610 Xpress Music phone has finally been released on O2 after an exclusive period with Vodafone. This means that customers can now expect far more tariff options from the two networks. The new Nokia 5610 Xpress Music is the Red edition with a further Blue version expected soon.

Nokia 5610 Red Xpress Music on Vodafone

The new Nokia 5610 Red Edition has been released on Vodafone.

The Nokia 5610 Slider is the second of two new XpressMusic handsets to be added to the Nokia range.

The Nokia 5310 Red offers a 2.0 mega pixel camera, whilst the Nokia 5610 Red features a 3.2 mega pixel camera and […]