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Google Nexus 5 White Cheap Vodafone Contract Deals

Recently released on O2, Orange, T-Mobile and EE networks, the Google Nexus 5 White has also been launched on Vodafone contract deals in the UK, joining the original Black edition Nexus 5 and sharing all of the same great features.

Best Google Nexus 5 White Deals
White Google Nexus 5 Best Deals

White Google Nexus 5 Vodafone Contract Deals

The cheapest of these Google Nexus 5 White Vodafone Deals which offers a free phone is just £21 per month and includes 100 minutes, unlimited text messaging and 100MB of data to use each month!

Google Nexus 5 Lowdown

If you never know where life is going to take you next, you want a handset that will adapt to anything and everything. Introducing the Google Nexus 5, the smart new phone made to capture moments that matter. As the lightest, thinnest Nexus device to date, it makes for the perfect companion whatever you get up to, with features that are both intuitive and adaptable.

Some moments are just too good to miss, and with the Google Nexus 5 you can be sure you’ll enjoy them forever. Thanks to an 8 megapixel camera complete with optical image stabilisation, you can immortalise that iconic event with the mere press of a button, day or night. It’s a phone with a view, too, and the stunning full HD display means you can relive everything in the very best quality.

Getting things done quickly isn’t always easy, but it will be with the Google Nexus 5 on hand. Whatever your task, the powerful 2.2GHz quad-core processor will get you there in excellent time, leaving you free for the important things. And, with the fully customisable and ultra intuitive Android KitKat on hand, you can make these things the centre of your world with no fuss at all.


Some Google Nexus 5 orders to face delays lasting weeks

Some Google Nexus 5 orders will face delays lasting weeks.delay

Phandroid reports, “And just when we were about to pat Google on the back for a successfully — and surprisingly smooth — Nexus 5 launch, they have now posted the following update in regards to Nexus 5 orders.”

On Google Support, it says, “Order processing for Nexus 5 devices may take a little longer than usual, up to several weeks. If you ordered a Nexus 5 device, go to ‘My orders’ and click Info for the most up-to-date order status.”

The site adds, “If you’ve already received your shipping confirmation, it looks like you’re in the clear. As for the rest of you, well, you might have some sleepless nights ahead of you. Let’s cross our fingers this isn’t widespread, and only a minimal amount of orders will suffer from delayed processing.”

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Press shot of Google Nexus 5 White leaked – said to be unveiled on the 1st of November

A press shot of the white version of the Google Nexus 5, successor of the Google Nexus 4, by none other than notorious leaker Twitter account @evleaks.nexuse

PhoneArena was one of the first to spot the tweet. It reports, “Serial leaker evleaks is usually pretty accurate with his tweets and there are a whole bunch of potential Google Nexus 5 buyers who are really hoping that he is right again. A tweet that he sent out on Sunday shows a press render of the Google Nexus 5 in white. Yes, we’ve seen that before, even on a leaked photo of the box that the phone comes in.

“But of more importance is the tweet itself which gives a November 1st launch date for the white Nexus 5. For those without a calendar or too excited to do the math, November 1st is next Friday. And we would bet that the November 1st date will apply to the black version of the phone as well.”

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Leaked Google Nexus 5 White turns out to be fake

CtechCN leaked an image showing a white version of the Google Nexus 5, successor of the Google Nexus 4. It turns out that this is a fake.nexusae0_Nexus-5-White

According to Android Police, “The first issue with this image is the lighting. The highlights are all toward the bottom. I’m struggling to think of an instance where a new product was presented in press shots lit from below.

“Noticing this lead me to check on specific highlight patterns on reflective portions of the device – namely the camera ring, Nexus logo, and volume rocker. As you may expect, each of these on the “white Nexus 5” is exactly opposite its counterpart in the original black render. So what we have above is essentially a render with inverted colors (save for the cameras, flash, and display), and slight tone adjustments. To demonstrate just how straight-forward this process is, here’s a quick .gif.

“No one with their hand on the pulse of Nexus season mania has likely forgotten about the leaked retail packaging we saw, which depicts a Nexus 5 with a black front, white rear, and black camera ring. Nor have readers likely forgotten the other leaked image that showed us a sliver of the white-backed N5. It’s much more likely that this is the white variant we’ll see released, though when it’ll be released is still anyone’s guess.”

It notes, “It’s also worth noting that the source, CtechCN, is in Chinese, and machine translation can only go so far in telling us the intent of this image. The original article does mention “PS” (presumably meaning PhotoShop), but presents the idea that an all-white Nexus 5 will, according to their tipster, launch simultaneously with the standard black version. All we can conclude is that this image is in fact not official. For now, those wanting an all-white Nexus can only continue to dream.”

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Google Nexus 5 White and box leaked

Recently, Google accidentally leaked the Google Nexus 5, successor of the Google Nexus 4, on Google Play alongside the Google Nexus 7 and Google Nexus 10. It then removed the photo on Google Play. Now, photos showing the Google Nexus 5 White as well as the smartphone’s box have been leaked.

Here are the photos leaked by Ashutos Jain on Google+:

13 - 1 13 - 2

Here is another photo leaked by rohan rao rao on Google+:


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