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Apple iPhone 5,1 (New iPhone) Release Date October 2012

The release date for the new iPhone which most are calling the iPhone 5 (5,1) despite Apple changing their naming tactic with the iPad 3 as the ‘New iPad’ looks to have been confirmed by iMore who are pretty trusted in this area, with their prediction of the iPad release date they have now stated the new Apple iPhone launch schedule.

Many thought that Apple would use their WWDC 2012 event as the new iPhone 5,1 release date but iMore have learned that  the company is to stick with an Autumn launch cycle after the release of the iPhone 4S last October 2011, they explain that the time frame between the release of the iPhone 4 in June 2010 through to the launch of the iPhone 4S was a longer time frame than previous Apple product introductions and should they have flipped back to a June 2012 release for the iPhone 5 this would leave just 9 months between the flagship devices.

New iPhone 5,1
New iPhone 5,1

Some may remember the shorter period between the release of the iPhone 4 in February 2011 on Verizon Wireless and the cross-carrier iPhone 4S launch in October of the same year but this turned out to be a unique situation, Apple have proved that even after 12 months of a new product hitting the market that they can still generate significant income from sales.

They back up these claims with a closer look at the relationship between new iPhones and new operating systems, the iPhone 4S introduced the world to iOS5 so running with such an advanced system for just 9 months before introducing what will surely have to be a major improvement with the iOS6 software release seems like a very small time frame after all of the worth that went into the iCloud service and Siri voice system over the 16 months between OS releases.

iMore also state that the new iPhone 5 is likely to sport the same sized 3.5 inch touch screen as previous models and that Apple are looking at reducing the size of the 30-pin dock connector to a micro-dock freeing up more space inside the device much like they did when introducing the Micro SIM cards, they say although not ‘set in stone’ that as of last month Apple had no plans to use a larger sized screen as with many high-end Android devices which now average 4 inches or more like the Samsung Galaxy S2, new Sony Xperia S and HTC One X.

We’ll keep you posted with any further news on the new iPhone release date as we learn more!