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Samsung Solid Now on T-Mobile, Samsung SGH M110 Solid

The new, robust, dustproof and waterproof Samsung Solid has today been made available on T-Mobile in the UK, after being launched on O2, Vodafone, Pay As You Go and as a SIM free handset the Samsung M110 Solid mobile phone now has more buying options than ever before.

Samsung Solid

The Samsung M110 Solid mobile phone is definitely a handset that lives up to its name. This sturdy newcomer is encased in rubber which not only protects it from damage caused by spray water and dust but also takes the impact whenever the handset is dropped on to a hard surface.

Surprisingly for such a tough phone the Samsung Solid is aesthetically pleasing and is not too bulky making it easy to carry around. Additiionally it won’t get in the way of your day-to-day activities when stored in your pocket.

The Samsung M110 Solid incorporates an easy to use VGA Camera enabling you to snap a quick picture with the minimum of fuss and can be shared through through the multimedia messaging service. The height of practicality, the M110 Solid also includes SOS messaging facility, Flashlight and GPRS making it the perfect companion for the adventurous among you.

Samsung M110 Solid

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Samsung M110 Solid Olive Green

Samsung Solid Olive


Samsung Solid Now in Olive Green – SGH M110 on Orange

The Samsung Solid has today been released in a new Olive green colour scheme on Orange in the UK, the new M110 Solid green edition offers exactly the same great design and features as the original black version but addsw some olive green coloured accents to the outer casing.

Samsung M110 Solid Olive Green

Your new power tool.

Tough As Nails
Your active and ourdoor lifestyle means you need a mobile that isn’t afraid of a little dirt or water. The toughest phone on the market, the Samsung Solid is certified with dust-protected and splash-proof water resistant ratings, so it can stand up to the rough and tumble of your rugged lifestyle, while providing you wiht the conveniences of the modern world.

Fit And Rugged
Slim and compact, this no-nonsense bar-type mobile offers a sturdy style for your solid mobility needs. The rubberized shell offers protection and grip, while giving the mobile a rugged outdoors look that echoes your sense of adventure.

Certified To Defy Dust And Water
This mobile is as fearless as you are. Able to withstand the elements, the rugged Samsung M110 Solid can survive the outdoors just as you thrive in it. It has earned the Global Certification of IEC 60529, further proving to be the toughest phone on the market for serious adventure seekers.

Samsung Solid Olive Green

Samsung M110 Solid Olive Deals


Other Colours:

Samsung Solid

Samsung Solid


Samsung M110 Solid Now on Pay As You Go

The robust little Samsung Solid has today been launched on Pay As You Go in the UK, this new JCB Tough Phone rival is smaller and lighter than its competitor and easier on the eye if you are not into big yellow phones.

The Samsung M110 Solid was first released as a SIM free handset some days ago, quickly followed by a launch on O2 and Vodafone more recently.

Samsung SolidPay as you go

Housed in a thick rubber body, the Samsung Solid is rugged enough to endure tough treatment, making it perfect for extreme sports fans or anyone else likely to give their phone a bit of a knocking. It features anti-shock protection, as well as water and dust resistance; it will survive water splashes and the occasional knock or drop.

Luckily there are plenty of useful features crammed into Samsung Solid too – it comes with a built-in FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, camera and a long life battery. There’s also a built-in flash light if you find yourself in environments in need of light.

If you should find yourself in a spot of trouble, pressing the volume button three times sends an alert message to a nominated person. Once the alert is sent, the next call to come in is automatically answered. This SOS dialling feature should be handy if you’re off into remote areas.


Samsung Solid on Pay As You Go


Samsung M110 Solid Released as SIM Free Handset

The new Samsung M110 Solid has today been launched as a SIM Free handset, the Samsung Solid is a direct competitor to the JCB Tough Phone but offers more features, a smaller device and is much lighter.

Being offered as a SIM Free handset means that customers can buy the Samsung M110 Solid and use their existing SIM card with their current mobile number and agreement with their network.

Samsung M110 SolidSIM Free

Splash free, smash free and scrath resistant!
It may look like a dowdy old mobile but if your looking for a mobile that can handle anything that is thrown at it and still make a call at the end of the day, then the Samsung M110 Solid is probably your new best mate.
Designed as the perfect companion for those in the construction business or manual labour workers, the Samsung SGH-M110, aka Samsung Solid, is a solid candybar that is both shock proof and water resistant.
Available in a choice of either Olive Green or the more traditional Black, the Samsung M110 comes equipped with a VGA Camera and built-in FM functionality.
There’s enough space in the phonebook to store up to 500 contact details and bluetooth wireless and EDGE technology come as standard.
The screen is a decent 1.5inch 128 x 128 pixels displaying in 65k colours and the onboard features are easy to master and they include a calendar, reminder alert and currency convertor.
Other features included on the Samsung M110 are built-in handsfree, voice dial and voice memo functions, which are always a major plus.
Cheap, cheerful and very versatile, the Samsung M110 is solid and reliable!