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LG Prada Silver Released – New Silver LG KE850 Prada on O2

The new LG Prada KE850 Silver Edition has today been released on O2 in the UK, this great new handset joins the original LG Prada phone and completes the range.

The Silver LG Prada is already available with a range of free gifts including a Free Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 console aswell as up to £200 cash back.

LG KE850 Prada Silver EditionO2

A Prada branded handset, Prada and LG have combined forces resulting in a Limited Edition touchscreen version of the popular LG Chocolate phone but with a difference.
So what does this new make-over version of the LG Chocolate have to offer one wonders?
Well, for starters, the LG Prada Silver has received a face lift giving it more of an iPhone look to it and there’s no keypad either. 
With its advanced touchscreen interface, the Silver LG KE850 Prada has no need for the standard keyboard: the 3inch LCD screen, displayed in 16million colours, automatically adapts to which ever application has been activated and is controlled by the touch of your fingertips rather than that of a stylus by way of what is referred to as a ‘Capacitive Touchscreen’ thus negating the usual buttons and keys required apart from a remaining few.
Slightly smaller than the Apple iPhone, the LG KE850 Prada Silver in its specially Prada branded leather case, comes with a range of features that include a 2.0 mega pixel camera with LED flash, expandable memory and an integrated MP3 Player with built-in FM Radio, not forgetting Bluetooth Wireless and EDGE technology.
Will all this taken into account, you’ve ended up with a stylish high end fashion phone, backed by one the most renowned fashion designers worldwide that wont break the bank.

BLOG UPDATE: 05/12/08 – LG KF900 Prada II on Orange Deals UK

BLOG UPDATE: 03/12/08 – LG Prada 2 Released SIM Free & Unlocked


LG KE850 Prada Silver on O2


LG Viewty Silver on O2 & T-Mobile – Silver LG KU990 Viewty UK

The fantastic new LG Viewty Silver has now joined the Black LG KU990 Viewty on O2 and T-Mobile. The new Silver LG Viewty offers the same features and technology as the Black verion but now adds a sleek silver casing.

The LG KU990 Viewty Silver is expected to be rolled out onto further networks very soon.

LG KU990 Viewty SilverO2T-Mobile

A high end device, the LG Viewty Silver is the successor to the LG Prada and sports a 5 mega pixel camera, theres no keypad but instead functions are controlled on the 3 inch touchscreen display.
But apart from being a 3.5G, YouTube and HSDPA enabled handset with an impressive camera in tow, the LG KU990 Viewty Silver is packed with features providing an all round entertainment system and working tool.
Features include an MP3 Player, FM Radio, addition of a built-in camera flash and digital zoom, video capture & playback recording 120 fps, picture & video editing software, miroSD memory expansion, inclusion of Google application, bluetooth stereo support, web browser, email access and a document viewer enabling access to Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF documents and files.
As with all YouTube enabled handsets, videos can be uploaded directly from your mobile to your YouTube account without the need for downloading on to your PC in order to complete file conversion before uploading, its also worth mentioning its compatibility with UBlog and Buzznet.

LG Shine Pink KE970 Joins the Black & Silver LG Shine Range

Exclusive mobile phone models are becoming a far more common phenomenon in this age of tough competitive conditions within the mobile phones industry, manufacturers, networks and dealers are striving to find new ways of promoting their products and services to appeal to a wider audience to invite more sales and revenue.

It is not that often that a network operator or retailer will get sole rights to sell a particular model of phone, the deals being struck at the moment are more for colour variants of popular models to expand the personal appeal of a handset.

Pink plays a big factor in this exclusive deal making environment, this particular colour is aimed firmly in the direction of the female consumers who have only really had a choice of black and silver phones for many years. There are far more colour variants available, however pink is a real crowd pleaser when it comes to the female market.

The latest addition to the exclusive deal making is the LG KE970 Shine in Pink signed between LG Electronics and Orange the UK network operator. The LG Shine model was first released in a silver casing some four months ago and backed by a multimillion pound advertising and promotion campaign has been established as a mainstream handset offering style and sophistication. The second colour variant release was the LG Shine KE970 Titanium Edition which offered exactly the same specifications as the silver version but added a dark titanium casing making the handset a far more masculine offering.

So it comes as no surprise to find a female version of the phone launching onto the UK market, the LG Shine Pink, again this handset offers the same dimensions and features as the other models but comes encased in a bright pink exterior, one more factor that makes the handset appealing to women is the fact that when the main display is not in use it reverts to a vanity mirror which reflects light, hence the name Shine.

The KE970 has a large, full colour screen and incorporates a new form of navigational button just underneath, this new button allows the user to easily scroll through the menu functions as well as depress to select a desired option.

The Shine comes complete with a 2.0 megapixel camera with a flash for poor light conditions, a digital zoom function for close up picture capture and video support for recording short video clips and playing them back on the phones display.

There is also a music player that can be filled with music tracks by either uploading from a PC or downloading direct from the mobile internet before being arranged into playlists to suit genre, mood or tempo. To store the vast amount of files created with the camera and music player there is a substantial 1GB of internal memory.

Now that Orange have signed the exclusive deal with LG to distribute the LG Shine Pink, no other network, retailer or dealership will be able to sell the handset, this gives the network operator a great advantage in the run up to the always busy festive season.