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Apple iPhone 6C with A8 chip to launch in Q1 2016?

Gone are the days when iPhones featured 4-inch screen, or have they? We’ve been hearing whispers that Apple is cooking up a smaller-screened iPhone, and now a new report is claiming that the rumoured 4-inch iPhone will be coming earlier than expected.

iPhone 6C coming in Q1 2016?

iPhone-6c-concept-by-nbspMartin-Hajek (1)

Japanese-speaking blog Mac Otakara is responsible for circulating this new rumour. The site is renowned for leaking accurate information on anything concerning Apple. According to the report, Apple is already mass producing its new 4-inch iPhone. Additionally, the report is saying that the yet to be announced 4-inch iPhone will feature the Apple A8 chip, which is the same processor under the hood of last year’s Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus. The rumoured 4-inch iPhone is also said to include a better front-facing FaceTimeHD camera, Bluetooth 4.1, and Wi-Fi 802.11ac. With these in mind, it looks like the upcoming 4-inch iPhone will be an upgraded version of the iPhone 5S, which made its debut more than two years ago. It still remains a mystery, however, if the device will be constructed out of metal or plastic like the iPhone 5C (the only iPhone clad in plastic).

So when will we get to get our hands on this rumoured 4-inch iPhone? According to the report, the device will be released in the first quarter of 2016 (from January to March), which goes against what previous reports are saying. According to previous reports, the rumoured 4-inch iPhone will be released in the 2nd half of 2016.

Another mystery is what Apple is planning to call its new 4-inch iPhone – that’s if it really exists. If it does exist, the common consensus is that the Cupertino firm will call the device the “Apple iPhone 6C.” However, there’s no way for us to confirm this. The photo of the iPhone 6C shown above is not the real deal, but a concept made by artist Martin Hajek.

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Apple and IBM begin to roll out enterprise apps for iPhones and iPads

Apple has had no problems selling its products to the regular consumer. Proof of this is the sales of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, which has shattered the Cupertino firm’s already impressive sales records. However, it has always had problems penetrating the enterprise market. With the help of IBM, Apple has begun to roll out enterprise apps for the iPhone and iPad.


Press release:

Apple and IBM Deliver First Wave of
IBM MobileFirst for iOS Apps

Big Data Analytics and Security Capabilities Arrive
on iPhone & iPad

CUPERTINO, California and ARMONK, New York—December 10, 2014—Apple® and IBM today deliver the first wave of IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions in a new class of made-for-business apps and supporting cloud services that bring IBM’s big data and analytics capabilities to iPhone® and iPad® users in the enterprise. IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions are now available to enterprise customers in banking, retail, insurance, financial services, telecommunications and for governments and airlines, thanks to an unprecedented collaboration between Apple and IBM. IBM clients today announcing support for IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions include: Citi, Air Canada, Sprint and Banorte.

“What we’re delivering aims directly at the new quest of business—smart technologies that unlock new value at the intersection of big data and individual engagement,” said Bridget van Kralingen, senior vice president, IBM Global Business Services. “Our collaboration combines IBM’s industry expertise and unmatched position in enterprise computing, with Apple’s legendary user experience and excellence in product design to lift the performance of a new generation of business professionals.”

“This is a big step for iPhone and iPad in the enterprise, and we can’t wait to see the exciting new ways organizations will put iOS devices to work,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “The business world has gone mobile, and Apple and IBM are bringing together the world’s best technology with the smartest data and analytics to help businesses redefine how work gets done.”

In targeting key opportunities and priorities within industries, IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps take enterprise mobility a level deeper, helping employees access their company’s full capabilities wherever they interact with clients—faster, easier and more securely than ever before.

Built exclusively for iPhone and iPad, IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps are delivered in a secure environment, embedded with analytics and linked to core enterprise processes. The apps can be customized for any organization and easily deployed, managed and upgraded via cloud services from IBM specifically for iOS devices, with security across the data, app and device. This first suite of IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions is now available across multiple industries, with additional apps being continuously designed and developed:

  • Plan Flight (Travel and Transportation) addresses the major expense of all airlines—fuel—permitting pilots to view flight schedules, flight plans, and crew manifests ahead of time, report issues in-flight to ground crews, and make more informed decisions about discretionary fuel.
  • Passenger+ (Travel and Transportation) empowers flight crews to offer an unmatched level of personalized services to passengers in-flight—including special offers, re-booking, and baggage information.
  • Advise & Grow (Banking and Financial Markets) puts bankers on premise with their small business clients, with secure authorization to access client profiles and competitive analyses, gather analytics-driven insights to make personalized recommendations, and complete secure transactions.
  • Trusted Advice (Banking and Financial Markets) allows advisors to access and manage client portfolios, gain insight from powerful predictive analytics—in the client’s kitchen or at the local coffee shop, rather than the advisor’s office—with full ability to test recommendations with sophisticated modeling tools all the way to complete, secure transactions.
  • Retention (Insurance) empowers agents with access to customers’ profiles and history, including an analytics-driven retention risk score as well as smart alerts, reminders, and recommendations on next best steps and facilitation of key transactions like collection of e-signatures and premiums.
  • Case Advice (Government) addresses the issue of workload and support among caseworkers who are making critical decisions, one family or situation at a time, on the go. The solution adjusts case priorities based on real-time analytics-driven insights, and assesses risk based on predictive analysis.
  • Incident Aware (Government) converts an iPhone into a vital crime prevention asset, presenting law enforcement officers with real-time access to maps and video-feeds of incident locations; information about victim status, escalation risk, and crime history; and improved ability to call for back-up and supporting services.
  • Sales Assist (Retail) enables associates to connect with customer profiles, make suggestions based on previous purchases and current selections, check inventory, locate items in-store, and ship out-of-store items.
  • Pick & Pack (Retail) combines proximity-based technology with back-end inventory systems for transformed order fulfillment.
  • Expert Tech (Telecommunications) taps into native iOS capabilities including FaceTime® for easy access to expertise and location services for route optimization to deliver superior on-site service, more effective issue resolution and productivity as well as improved customer satisfaction.

“Mobile innovations are driving profound impact on how Citi delivers superior client experiences, particularly those that extend our enterprise expertise all the way to the point of customer contact,” said Heather Cox, Chief Client Experience, Digital and Marketing Officer for Global Consumer Banking at Citi. “There’s terrific energy in our collaboration with IBM and Apple around the goal of equipping our professionals with mobile capability that will create new competitive advantage and enable us to re-imagine how we share our knowledge to improve the quality of life for our clients.”

To supplement the IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps, the partnership between Apple and IBM offers business customers additional levels of capability integrated for enterprise mobility, including:

  • Mobile Platform and Enterprise Integration—Leveraging IBM’s global industry consulting expertise, client experience design and enterprise systems integration from analytics, workflow and cloud storage, to fleet-scale device management, security and integration. Enhanced mobile management includes a private app catalog, data and transaction security services, and productivity suite for all IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions. In addition to on-premise software solutions, all these services will be available on Bluemix—IBM’s development platform on the IBM Cloud Marketplace.
  • Supply, activate and manage—Streamlined end-to-end procurement, deployment and lifecycle management—at scale; along with cloud solutions for enterprise security, device management, and data and process integration. IBM Global Financing leasing options and services to allow organizations to keep pace with latest device releases.
  • AppleCare for the Enterprise—Providing IT departments and end users with 24/7 assistance for their devices from Apple’s award-winning customer support group, with on-site service delivered by IBM.

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Apple reportedly working on ‘biggest camera jump ever’ called ‘two-lens system’

Apple analyst John Gruber is known for having connections within Apple, which is why he predicts accurate information on yet to be released Apple products. Now the analyst is saying the the Cupertino firm is working on the “biggest camera jump ever,” with a rumoured “two-lens system” reportedly in the works.


The TechBlock reports Gruber saying, “The specific thing I heard is that next years camera might be the biggest camera jump ever. I don’t even know what sense this makes, but I’ve heard that it’s some kind of weird two-lens system where the back camera uses two lenses and it somehow takes it up into DSLR quality imagery.”

Gruber himself says that he heard this information “from a birdie of a birdie,” which means this is second-hand information. This also means that you should take this information with a large dose of salt.

Apple, however, was granted a patent earlier this year, involving interchangeable lenses. So it’s possible that Gruber may have stumbled upon this camera tech.

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US consumers willing to buy Apple iPhone 6 despite not seeing it yet, according to suvey

Barrons reports a survey conducted by R.W. Baird’s William Power, where 1,000 residents in the USA were asked if they had plans of getting their hands on the yet t be released Apple iPhone 6. There are now more consumers willing to pay for the device compared to a few months back.


Power writes:

6.8% of our July respondents indicated that they plan to buy the iPhone 6 site unseen, up from 4.4% in February. Additionally, purchase intent appears to be higher than in our September iPhone 5S survey which was conducted after the device had been announced. Although we expect a strong purchase cycle for the iPhone 6, we acknowledge that relatively small variations in our surveys could fall within the normal margin of error, but nevertheless view the early interest positively. We suspect the interest could rise higher following the device unveiling in September.

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Apple reportedly makes an initial order of 70-80 million units of the iPhone 6

Last year, Apple made an initial order of 50-60 millions of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Now, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the Cupertino firm has ordered a whopping 70-80 million units of the iPhone 6 with suppliers.


If what the news agency’s sources are saying is accurate, this would mean that Apple is expecting to sell a chunk-load of its next iPhone in its initial run. We may see record-breaking sales from the Cupertino firm once again.

Apple is expected to lift the lid on the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 in September.

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