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What you expected and didn’t get with the new iPad

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently unveiled the new iPad in San Francisco. Before this, there were certainly a number of rumours circulating in the internet. Now that the iPad 2’s successor has gone official, there are definitely a number of features that didn’t find its way on the new slate.

First of all, there were a number of names we thought the new iPad would be launched as. Initially, everyone thought the next generation iPad would be named the iPad 3. But since the device was expected to sport a retina display, it made sense for Apple to name it the iPad HD. Then there were rumours suggesting that the new slate would sport minor upgrades just like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, which led some to believe that it would be named the iPad 2S. However, Apple surprised us all and named it the ‘new iPad’, plain and simple.

Another rumour claimed that the new iPad would sport an 8 megapixel camera just like the iPhone 4S. However, the new tablet only came with a 5 megapixel camera. This may be disappointing, but at least it can record videos at 1080p.

Many thought the new iPad would come packed with the quad-core A6 chip. Instead, it packs a dual-core A5X chip. Although not a quad-core processor, it does sport “quad-core graphics”.

Other than what we didn’t get, we still got an iPad rocking a retina display, which is the new iPad’s biggest selling point.

Are you disappointed the new iPad did not sport the features you expected, or are you satisfied? Give us your thoughts.


Next generation iPad to be named iPad 2S?

Recently, we heard news of the iPad 3 coming in March. Now, according to the New York Time’s source, Apple’s next generation iPad might not be called the iPad 3. Could the next iPad be called the iPad 2S?

The next generation iPad is rumored to sport a retina display. According to the source, the next iPad will be “essentially the same size and shape as the iPad 2”. The source adds that the slate will pack a more powerful processor under the hood. Unfortunately, the source failed to mention more details on the device’s CPU.

Why is it possible the device will be called the iPad 2S? When rumors of the iPhone 4’s successor surfaced, we all thought that the device would be called the iPhone 5. However, when the smartphone was launched in October, it was dubbed the iPhone 4S. If we follow this trend, Apple may call its new tablet the iPad 2S instead of the iPad 3.

Aside from the rumored retina display, leaked casings of the next generation tablet suggested that the device would sport an enhanced camera and an improved battery. However, it would look similar to the iPad 2.

Do you think the next generation iPad is coming in March? Do you think it would look exactly like the iPad 2? What do you think it will be called, the iPad 3 or the iPad 2S? Give us your thoughts.