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HTC to unveil One A9 on October 20 – to run Marshmallow out of the box?


HTC recently lifted the lid on two new smartphones – the Taiwanese- and Japanese-exclusive HTC Butterfly 3 and an upgraded version of the HTC One M9 Plus, the HTC One M9 Plus Aurora Edition. The two were unveiled on the 29th of September, which was expected to be the day the rumoured One A9 would […]

HTC One A9 to be one of the first non-Nexus devices to run Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) out of the box?


The rumoured HTC One A9, codenamed “Aero,” has been making rounds around the rumour mill as of late, which is said to be the device that can potentially change HTC’s fortunes. It is said to be the “Hero” phone HTC head honcho Cher Wang promised investors. We’re pretty confident that the device will run Android, […]

Is this the actual HTC A9?


Just the other day, a photo (see below) was posted online, claiming to be the rumoured HTC A9 (HTC Aero). It looked a lot like the Apple iPhone 6, and turned out to be nothing but a photoshopped image.

Although the photo above was nothing but a Photoshop job, it seems that person behind […]

HTC A9 (Aero) to rock MediaTek deca-core processor


When HTC lifted the lid on the HTC One M9, the device was expected to change the Taiwanese phone maker’s fortunes. Sadly, it did the opposite of what the company was hoping for, forcing HTC CEO Cher Wang to promise investors that they would release a “Hero” phone in October. Previous reports claimed that this […]

HTC Desire 626, 626s, 526, and 520 make their official debut


The HTC Desire 626, the HTC Desire 626s, the HTC Desire 526, and the HTC Desire 520 have just made their official debut. HTC says that the new smartphones are “premium” but “affordable” smartphones.

HTC Desire 626

HTC Desire 526

HTC Desire 520

Press release: