‘The All New HTC One’ moniker leaked again

@evleaks, a Twitter account notorious for leaking information on yet to be unveiled devices, has been heavily leaking information on the HTC M8 (successor of the HTC One). Now it has again leaked what the Taiwanese firm is planning to call its next flagship.

@evleaks has leaked what the HTC M8 will look like, leaking [...]

Photos of the HTC One (2014) in silver leaked

The HTC M8, The All New HTC One, or the HTC One (2014) has been heavily leaked in the internet. We’ve seen a number of leaks showing press renders of the device. Now the silver colour option of the device has been leaked in the wild.

Here are the photos:

The leak comes [...]

Press shot of The All New HTC One ‘in gray’ and ‘in silver’ leaked

@evleaks has been responsible for a number of leaks involving the HTC M8, HTC’s next flagship. Now it has leaked the handset’s press shot, showing it “in gray” and “in silver.”

Here are the new press shots:

The Twitter account notorious for leaking information on unreleased devices first leaked the M8 clad in [...]

Photo of Gold HTC M8 leaked

Twitter account @evleaks has leaked a lot of information on the HTC M8, successor of the HTC One. It leaked the first press shot of the smartphone, clad in a protective casing. It also leaked what the handset will be called once unveiled, claiming it will be called “The All New HTC One.” Now it [...]

Tweet claims M8 to be called ‘The All New One’

We’ve been seeing a number of leaks, revealing information on the HTC M8, successor of the HTC One. We know “M8” is a codename, so what do you think HTC’s next flagship will be called once officially unveiled. Some say it will be called the “HTC One 2,” others say it will be called the [...]

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