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Lack Of HTC One S Android 4.2 Update Angers Users Of The Device

HTC are one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world and along with some super premium models the company also offer an extensive range of more reasonably priced, mid range devices. These models include the impressive HTC One S but a number of users of this phone are unhappy with the lack of a new Android update and one user has actually filed a petition hoping to get HTC to release the most up to date software for the one s

This new petition has been filed on and it is in response to the news that Taiwanese manufacturers HTC will not be releasing the very latest Android 4.2 and Sense UI 5 updates for the HTC One S. This news has clearly angered a number of users of this devices who consider that the model should be eleigible. Many would believe that they have a fair point considering that the handset is part of HTC’s current portfolio and is stocked by nearly all of the leading retailers. In terms of pricing as well the model is towards the top end of the scale for a mid range model. The petition has been created by Dylan Richards, an HTC One S user and it has been filed on the grounds of a statement released by HTC on February 28th 2013. This statement said that the software updates in question would be coming soon for this model and Richards considers this as a binding agreement between HTC and consumers.

This latest issue will come as a blow to HTC who are trying to compete with Samsung who currently dominate the Android market. What it does is highlight the difference between the two companies with Samsung being renowned for rolling out the latest updates for their range of devices in very quick time. An accompanying mission statement has been published with the petition which claims that the issue does not concern the quality of HTC products but rather the standard of their customer service. A part of this statement reads “The HTC One S is still one of the best phones on the market, on par with the dual-core and quad-core Samsung Galaxy S III phones and HTC’s own One X. With that being said, the HTC customer service and upgrade service are absolutely dreadful”. Later on the differences between the update schedules of HTC and Samsung are mentioned as is the fact that Youtube clips show the One S running Android 4.2 with no reported problems.

HTC are currently enjoying success with their new HTC One model but it looks as though consumers are unhappy with the lack of new updates for the mid range HTC One S model. We will keep you updated with more news on this story as it breaks.

HTC One S Prepay Deals now available on Pay As You Go

The HTC One S Ceramic Metal Black edition has already been made available on O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile contract deals but now those consumers who prefer not to receive monthly bills can buy this mid-range smart phone from HTC’s ‘One’ range on Pay As You Go deals in the UK.

This means that even those who cannot get a contract phone due to poor credit history can now own the HTC One S as there are none of the credit checks associated with contract deals when buying prepay phones, the One S is available on Pay As You Go offers with 3 Mobile, T-Mobile, Orange and O2 with the cheapest price offered by 3 Mobile currently at £369.99.

HTC One S Ceramic Metal Black
HTC One S Ceramic Metal Black

It may be looked at as a middle of the range handset but the HTC One S is a powerful and super-sleek device, packing a fast 1.5GHz dual core processor with an extra dedicated processor just for imaging (which takes even more strain away from the main chip), a 4.3 inch 540 x 960 pixel resolution display, an 8 mega pixel camera which shoots video clips at 1080p full HD quality and the latest Android 4.0 operating system all wrapped up in HTC’s slimmest smart phone at just 7.8mm thick the One S can go up against many of the flagship devices of rival manufacturers such as the Sony Xperia S and Samsung Galaxy S2.

HTC have included their Beats Audio technology into the multimedia player and there’s access to the HTC Watch service where the user can find films and TV shows to watch either on the screen or to wirelessly transmit via an HTC MediaLink HD adaptor to their HD big screen TV, videos and pictures can also be shared in this way with family and friends, the camera of all three smart phones in the ‘One’ series offers a new and unique feature which allows still pictures to be captured whilst in both record and playback modes of video as well as video stabilisation, continuous shoot mode, smart LED flash and BSI sensor technology for low light conditions.

The HTC One S sits between the flagship HTC One X with its quad-core technology and the affordable HTC One V which although is offered as a budget phone offers many of the same features of the more expensive models.

HTC One S deals

Grey HTC One S (Gradient Metal)


Gradient Metal Grey HTC One S Contracts Released on Orange

The HTC One S was released in a new grey edition known as the gradient metal colour scheme on O2 contract deals just last week, now consumers have double the choice of offers available thanks to a new range of Orange contracts being launched for this sleek new phone.

HTC One S Gradient Metal Grey deals on Orange currently offer a free handset from just £26 per month which also includes a free HTC Media Link wireless adapter for streaming films and showing off videos and pictures on a big screen HD TV, this deal is on the Orange Dolphin 26 tariff which provides 250MB of data, unlimited text messages and 400 minutes of calls which can be used at any time of the day to call any network including landlines.

HTC One S Gradient Metal Grey
HTC One S Gradient Metal Grey

This gradient metal grey edition of the HTC One S joins the original black edition and offers the same specifications inside its new coloured housing, this is the slimmest smart phone that HTC have ever released at just 7.8mm thin thanks to a new manufacturing technology used to make the unibody design of the casing, known as microarc oxidation this process involves shooting 1000 volts through the aluminium casing to create a ceramic, super-dense crystalline structure that’s both robust and lightweight.

As an underling to the flagship HTC One X the One S packs in an enormous amount of technology and can easily go up against some the latest smart phones in terms of features, first off there’s a large and bright 4.3 inch 540 x 960 pixel touch screen display, an 8 mega pixel camera, the latest android 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ operating system (only available currently in one rival device; the Samsung Galaxy Nexus) and 16GB of internal storage.

This sized 4.3 inch screen will be familiar to many as it is also employed in the top-selling Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation XE as well as the new Xperia S from Sony, there are very few phones offering a larger screen with only the HTC Sensation XL and new One X at 4.7 inches and the largest in the industry offered by the Samsung Galaxy Note at 5.3 inches.

Running all of these features is a powerful dual core 1.5GHz processor which matches that of the new Sony Xperia S but the HTC One S has a further trick up its sleeve by incorporating an extra dedicated chip just for the camera, this adds in a new feature only found in the HTC ‘One’ series of phones (which also includes the HTC One V) which actually allows the user to capture high quality still pictures whilst in video record or playback mode which is at full 1080p HD.

Other camera features include a BSI sensor for low light conditions, high quality slow motion video capture and playback, continuous shooting mode to capture multiple snapshots, smart LED flash and autofocus and remember that with the HTC Media Link HD the user can then wirelessly show all of their works of art on their big screen HD TV.

HTC One S Grey



HTC One S Joins the One X with Deals on Orange

The HTC One S has now landed on Orange network deals in the UK, as a smaller brother to the HTC One X the One S still packs a powerful punch in comparison with many of the latest smart phones but is slightly cheaper with contract offers on Orange now providing a free phone.

HTC One S deals on Orange can now be ordered on tariffs with line rental prices starting at only £10.50 per month and for consumers searching for free One S contracts these begin at £26 per month on two packages, for those looking for more inclusive data the Orange Panther 26 deal provides 750MB along with 200 minutes and unlimited SMS whilst the Orange Dolphin 26 doubles the minutes to 400 with the same unlimited amount of SMS but 250MB of data.


The HTC One S is the slimmest smart phone that HTC have ever released at just 7.8mm, despite this it manages to squeeze in a dual core 1.5GHz processor matching that of the previous flagship HTC Sensation XE and new Sony Xperia S but unique to the new HTC One range there is a further dedicated imaging chip taking care of all of the camera features.

The main camera is an 8 mega pixel unit which can record full 1080p HD video as well as actually snap photos whilst recording or in playback mode plus there’s a secondary 1.3 mega pixel camera on the front of the phone for video calling, the main camera comes with a whole host of other features including auto smile detection, face focus and continuous shooting mode.

The One S packs a 4.3 inch touch screen which is the same size as the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S2 but like all of the new HTC One phones (including the budget HTC One V) the One S comes with Android 4.0 pre-installed rather than the 2.3 instalment of the Galaxy phone, the only other handset currently available with this latest OS is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which was the first to showcase the new software.

All of those important Android connectivity options are available such as fast 3.5G data support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS plus access to the Google Play Shop which was known as the Android Market where you’ll now find over 500,000 applications to download, thankfully there’s a good sized 16GB internal memory for storing them and all of those favourite pictures and videos.

Like the HTC One X and V models the S offers the Beats Audio music enhancement software which when played via the external speakers or branded earphones provides an amazing listening experience, there’s also a good sized 1650 mAh battery keeping things ticking over for hours on end.

Looks wise, this mid-range handset reminds us of the previous HTC Desire and Desire S models with its curved-off corners and minimalistic back cover, it weighs in at just 120g and measures 131 x 65 x 7.8 mm making it an extremely pocket friendly device.

HTC One S deals


Vodafone Deals Launched for HTC One S

The new One S smart phone from HTC’s new ‘One’ range has now been released on Vodafone contract deals, the HTC One S first hit the market on T-Mobile and more recently O2 offers so this latest release adds even more contract choices available to consumers.

The new Vodafone HTC One S deals can now be ordered with line rental prices starting at just £15.50 per month or a free One S phone is available with offers at £26 and above, this is on the Vodafone 100 + 500 + 250MB at £26 tariff which as the name suggests includes 100 minutes, 500 SMS and 250MB of data usage.

HTC One S - Gradient Metal (Black) & Ceramic Metal (Metallic Blue)
HTC One S - Gradient Metal (Black) & Ceramic Metal (Metallic Blue)

The One S joins the new flagship HTC One X and budget One V as a middle-of-the-range smart phone, however don’t let this fool you as it can easily go up against the likes of the new top-end Sony Xperia S when it comes to hardware and features, running on a dual-core 1.5GHz processor the One S matches the speed of the previous flagship HTC Sensation XE and packs a similar 8 mega pixel camera although there is now a dedicated imaging chip to pack in even more features.

The main touch screen measures a good 4.7 inches which matches the size of the recently launched HTC Sensation XL and previous HTC Titan Windows phone, only the new Samsung Galaxy Note offers a bigger display at 5.3 inches.

The camera on all three new HTC One phones can uniquely capture high resolution photographs whilst recording or playing back video, the One S lens can record video at full 1080p like that of the best-selling Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4S but also features BSI sensor technology for capturing images in low light, continuous shooting mode, video stabilization and slow motion capture and playback software.

As with all of the new HTC One devices the One S runs the latest Android 4.0 operating system which is only currently found in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus although tere is a raft of new handsets set to ship soon with the software including the LG Optimus 4X HD, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Huawei Ascend D Quad, the One S also features the new HTC Sense 4 user interface for a fast and smooth user experience.

The One S is also HTC’s thinnest smart phone ever released measuring 131 x 65 x 7.8 mm, taking on a very similar design format to the previous best selling HTC Desire and HTC Desire S the One S is a very pocket friendly and ergonomic handset to use, all of its technology is powered by a good sized 1650 mAh battery and with 16GB of internal storage there’s plenty of room to store music, pictures, videos, files and those all important applications from the Android Market which is now known as Google Play.

This latest smart phone is set to be released in two colour schemes; gradient metal (black) and ceramic metal (metallic blue).

HTC One S deals


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