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Google Nexus 5 White Cheap Vodafone Contract Deals

Recently released on O2, Orange, T-Mobile and EE networks, the Google Nexus 5 White has also been launched on Vodafone contract deals in the UK, joining the original Black edition Nexus 5 and sharing all of the same great features.

Best Google Nexus 5 White Deals
White Google Nexus 5 Best Deals

White Google Nexus 5 Vodafone Contract Deals

The cheapest of these Google Nexus 5 White Vodafone Deals which offers a free phone is just £21 per month and includes 100 minutes, unlimited text messaging and 100MB of data to use each month!

Google Nexus 5 Lowdown

If you never know where life is going to take you next, you want a handset that will adapt to anything and everything. Introducing the Google Nexus 5, the smart new phone made to capture moments that matter. As the lightest, thinnest Nexus device to date, it makes for the perfect companion whatever you get up to, with features that are both intuitive and adaptable.

Some moments are just too good to miss, and with the Google Nexus 5 you can be sure you’ll enjoy them forever. Thanks to an 8 megapixel camera complete with optical image stabilisation, you can immortalise that iconic event with the mere press of a button, day or night. It’s a phone with a view, too, and the stunning full HD display means you can relive everything in the very best quality.

Getting things done quickly isn’t always easy, but it will be with the Google Nexus 5 on hand. Whatever your task, the powerful 2.2GHz quad-core processor will get you there in excellent time, leaving you free for the important things. And, with the fully customisable and ultra intuitive Android KitKat on hand, you can make these things the centre of your world with no fuss at all.