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Blackberry 9000 Bold on Vodafone Deals UK

The latets addition to the Blackberry portfolio has now been launched on Vodafone contract deals in the UK, the new Bold edition 9000 was first released on Orange and O2 before more recently being made available as a SIM Free mobile phone. Now consumers can buy the new Blackberry Bold on the full range of Vodafone pay monthly tariffs making it easier than ever to find the best package to suit your usage requirements.

Blackberry Bold on Vodafone
Blackberry Bold on Vodafone

The BlackBerry Bold contains the business essentials in the form of email, document viewers, organisers, with the added bonus of BlackBerry Maps, GPS navigation, and an excellent video player. The operating system has been improved to deliver a faster response, with an increased 1GB internal memory, plus upgradeable space.

A high quality 2 mega-pixel camera is a great addition, whilst the Wi-fi & 3G systems are fantastic on the move. In summary, BlackBerry has produced the first olive branch between the mobile business and consumer markets.

BlackBerry’s latest creation in the form of the Bold is a refreshing and stylish move by the predominately business associated manufacturer. However, the BlackBerry 9000 Bold does signal a change in the wind for BlackBerry as they start producing mobile phones with a wider consumer appeal. Gone is the Businessman stereotypical user, and in with the mass appeal.

Blackberry 9000 Bold Deals


Blackberry Bold Now Available SIM Free and Unlocked UK

The new Blackberry 9000 mobile phone also known as the Bold edition has today been made available as a SIM free handset, this means that consumers can now buy the Blackberry Bold outright and insert their existing SIM card to retain their mobile number and existing account details as the phone is unlocked to all UK networks.

The Blackberry 9000 Bold was first launched on O2 some weeks ago and more recently on Orange contract deals, however this latest release means that consumers no longer have to sign up to a pay monthly deal and do not have to take on a new mobile number giving complete freedom as to how the phone is used.

Blackberry Bold
Blackberry Bold

Take advantage of the BlackBerry 9000 Bold’s new rapid 624MHz processor. Multitask and run several applications at once; collect e-mail, connect the internet and take a phone call all at once seemlessly and smoothly with the BlackBerry Bold.

Take advantage of high-speed 3G networks to get your important information faster. HSDPA support lets you connect to broadband like speeds whilst out of the office.

Simple and straightforward access to Wi-Fi hotspots when phone operation isn’t allowed. Collect e-mails, access important information, the full range of BlackBerry services are available though Wi-Fi.

Enjoy premier image and video viewing, build play lists of your favourite songs and organise your media files. You can even use BlackBerry Media Sync to transfer desktop iTunes music files to your BlackBerry. microSDHC memory card slot lets you carry up to 16GB of media, over 4000 songs, in your BlackBerry. A 3.5mm headphone socket lets you connect your favourite headphones directly into your BlackBerry 9000 Bold.

The built in GPS capabilities and BlackBerry Maps software provide turn-by-turn directions, letting you get to where you want to go. Geo-tagging support automatically records the location when you take a photo.

Razor-Sharp Display
Colour and clarity come to life with the BlackBerry 9000 Bold. High resolution VGA display (480 x 320) provides extended screen space to display messages, view images and well as displaying videos in stunning detail.

Keep your important information safe with 1GB of on-board AES256 secure encrypted memory.

Internet in your hand. Revised BlackBerry mobile web browser allows you to view full HTML in either desktop or mobile views.

Blackberry Bold Deals


Blackberry 9000 Bold on O2 Contract Deals UK

The new Blackberry Bold has finally been released of its network exclusive shackles on Orange and is now available on O2 in the UK, after first being launched some weeks ago as an ‘Orange only’ mobile phone the Blackberry 9000 Bold can now be bought with the full range of O2 pay monthly tariffs.

Blackberry Bold on O2
Blackberry Bold on O2

The Blackberry Bold represents the latest evolution in the popular Blackberry 8800 series, appealing equally to the casual user as well as the business user. The Blackberry bold features a full qwerty keyboard making emails, web browsing and instant messenger a much easier experience.

Designed for email, you can receive real time email from your own personal email account and HSDPA mobile broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity ensure the fastest connection possible. The Blackberry Bold isn’t all work and no play thanks to a 2.0 Megapixel camera, MP3 and Video player, Bluetooth v2.0 and Built in GPS SatNav.

Blackberry Bold Deals


Blackberry Bold with a Free iPod Nano

The new Bold Edition Blackberry has now had a range of free gifts added to its deal portfolio, consumers can now buy the new Blackberry Bold and on selected tariffs choose to receive a Free iPod Nano with their new mobile phone.

Initially the Blackberry Bold is exclusively available on Orange contract deals, however after this limited time exclusive period has ended the Bold will be able to be purchased on the other UK networks.

Blackberry Bold
Blackberry Bold

The BlackBerry Bold smartphone embodies elegant design – without sacrificing the features or functionality you expect from a premium smartphone.

No compromises. With email, phone, IM and the Internet, it can connect you. With an integrated organizer, it can help you stay on top of your day. With camera and video recording, you can capture and share the moment with just a few clicks. And that’s just the beginning.

Blackberry Bold Deals


Blackberry 9000 Bold Now Available on Orange – Blackberry Bold

The latest Blackberry mobile phone release has today been launched on Orange contract deals in the UK, the new Blackberry Bold can now be ordered with a range of Free gifts aswell as with significant line rental discounts.

Blackberry Bold
Blackberry Bold

Initially the Blackberry 9000 Bold is an Orange network exclusive so consumers will only be able to buy the Blackberry Bold on Orange contract deals, but as soon as this limited exclusive period is over the other UK networks will pick up this new smartphone and consumer will be able to compare deals from all networks.

The Blackberry Bold mobile phone is the brand new 3G Blackberry supporting tri-band HSDPA high-speeds.

It comes with the renowned BlackBerry productivity applications including email messaging organizer and browser and also works with thousands of mobile business and lifestyle applications making it easier than ever to stay connected productive and entertained.

Work or play the BlackBerry Bold is fully equipped. Use the Full QWERTY Keyboard which is a must-have when accessing all the top features; including integrated GPS and Wi-Fi® a rich set of multimedia capabilities such as 2.0-megapixel camera MP3 Player plus pre-installed Word Excel or PowerPoint.

Admire the sleek and sexy design of the new BlackBerry Bold

Use the full QWERTY keyboard and the Half VGA display for great viewing

Always know directions with built-in GPS and BlackBerry Maps

Browse the web to your hearts content with Wi-Fi connectivity

Capture great times with the built-in 2.0-megapixel camera

Store all your files with the 1GB of internal memory plus you can add more.

Blackberry Bold Deals


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