Blackberry 9700 Bold White on Orange Deals UK

The new white Blackberry Bold has now been picked up by a third network, the Blackberry 9700 Bold White edition was launched on both O2 and T-Mobile over the past couple of days and can now be connected to a range of Orange deals further expanding the choice of tariffs on offer.

This new colour […]

Blackberry 9700 White Edition Joins the Blackberry Bold Range

A new white Blackberry Bold edition has joined the ever expanding Bold range, the Blackberry 9700 white edition takes the great features found in the original black model and encases them in a new white housing making for a very appealing looking new phone.

The white Blackberry 9700 Bold is the third phone from the […]

White Blackberry Bold 9700 – AKA Bold 2 White

The popular Blackberry 9700 has now been released in a new white colour scheme, the Blackberry Bold 9700 White takes the features of the black edition and opts for a new white finish to its exterior casing.

Judging from the popularity of the white Blackberry Bold 9000 model the new 9700 looks set to open […]