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HTC One Max Vs HTC One Comparison Review

The HTC One Max has been officially unveiled and you would be forgiven for thinking that it is a carbon copy of the HTC One but despite being a super-sized version of the Taiwanese manufacturer’s 2013 flagship phone it does come with a few extra features that its younger brother lacked and in fact shares […]

Morphy – The Flexible Concept Android Smartphone

Imagine a Samsung Galaxy S 2 that conforms to the contours of your behind when placed in your back pocket. Imagine a Motorola Atrix that bends like rubber without chipping or breaking. Imagine an LG Optimus 2X that goes back to its original shape when exposed to minimal heat. This may sound impossible, but it’s […]

Google Android Nexus One – Google Phone Video

The phone that’s got everybody talking over the last few weeks more than any other model has to be the forthcoming Google phone, now we know the T-Mobile G1 was originally referred to as the Google phone but the new Nexus One is a real Google phone in every sense of the word.

The Nexus […]

Black Magic – The HTC Magic in Black Released – Google G2 Phone

Most of the pictures across the internet show a picture of the HTC Magic in its white colour variant as seen on Vodafone’s website, however it is the Black edition of this new Android phone also known as the Google G2 phone that has been released by retailers in the UK.

The Black HTC Magic […]

G1 Google Phone Gets 3 New T-Mobile Tariffs

After the launch of the new G1 phone on T-Mobile last week some independent retailers have now added the phone to their own portfolios, T-Mobile direct only offer the G1 Google phone on two of their tariffs but these established online retailers from the CPW group have added another three new tariffs into the mix […]