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Sony Ericsson Android Gingerbread Smartphones ST18i and CK15i Leaked

Two new additions to the Sony Ericsson XPERIA series have been leaked on the internet and are believed to head our way in the near future. These two new smartphones to the XPERIA line are the ST18i and CK15. They are about to join the ranks of smartphones such as the Play, Neo, and Arc. Like their current brothers, these handsets are powered by the latest Android operating system Google has to offer, Gingerbread. As of now, their spec sheets are still relatively unknown. Luckily, there were a few details we were able to gather. 

The ST18i is said to come with an 8 MP sensor, which is not surprising since Sony Ericsson is the maker. It also comes with a display that has a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. Lastly, its Android Gingerbread OS will run smoothly with its 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor. Judging from the initial findings, the smartphone is most likely to compete in the mid-range group.

The CK15i is said to come with a 3.2 inch touch screen display. It will come with a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels. Like other compact smartphones from the XPERIA series, it will come with a physical slide out QWERTY keyboard. Both smartphones look like they are the more compact smartphones.

Hopefully, these new additions to the XPERIA series will do well in the mid-range market. In past reports, the top of the line handsets by the smartphone manufacturer reported losses. This was due to the recent disaster that hit Japan, which is why Sony Ericsson’s supply line was affected.

As of now, there was no news when these handsets are to hit the market. Nonetheless, we’re hoping they arrive soon. Currently, there is an influx of high-end smartphones. For a change, these mid-range handsets will be a breath of fresh air.


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Black HTC Wildfire S Released on Orange Deals

The new HTC Wildfire S that was released just recently in its silver / grey colour scheme has today been joined by the new Black HTC Wildfire S in the range, the new black edition mirrors the new features, technology and design of the silver model and is finished in an all new, all black matt casing.

Black HTC Wildfire deals are now available on Orange from free, tariffs are priced exactly the same as the silver HTC Wildfire S which means that the phone is free of charge from just £20 per month line rental on Orange Dolphin, Racoon and Canary 20 packages.

Our pick of the three is the Dolphin 20 deal which offers 500MB of internet access every month which is not included in the other two deals, also included are 300 minutes of calls that can be used to call any network at any time and unlimited text messaging for those that love to text their friends.

Black HTC Wildfire S
Black HTC Wildfire S

The new Black HTC Wildfire S makes many significant improvements over the original HTC Wildfire including a higher resolution touch screen, more compact dimensions, bigger battery, better operating system and a faster processor.

The screen still measures a pocket friendly 3.2 inches but the resolution has been upgraded from 240 x 320 to 320 x 480 pixels, using the same screen size HTC have managed to shave off mm in both height and width as well as losing 13g of weight.

The new battery allows for up to an extra hour of talk time whilst the new Android 2.3 gingerbread OS incorporates new battery management technology for an even longer stand by time, the new Android software also incorporates a new on screen keyboard, VOIP internet calling and a much smooth and faster user experience, the Android Market has also now grown to a massive 150,000+ applications that can be downloaded direct to phone.

With the HTC Wildfire S’s new 600Hz processor and HTC’s Sense user interface running over the top of the new Android OS the whole user experience is quick, easy and seamless and offers multi tasking as well as fast application launch times.

The HTC Wildfire S Black edition is a compact, sleek and user friendly handset that offers many of the top end features but at a fraction of the price. There is one further model confirmed for release from the range and that’s a purple edition although we expect there to be a few more colour schemes in the future.

Black HTC Wildfire S deals

HTC Wildfire S deals

Purple HTC Wildfire S


HTC Wildfire S – Now on T-Mobile Deals

The upgraded version of the best selling HTC Wildfire has today been released on T-Mobile pay monthly deals, the new HTC Wildfire S takes the best from the previous model and makes it even better with improved features, upgraded hardware and a smaller, sleeker design.

The HTC Wildfire S now has deals on T-Mobile after launching on Orange on April 20th, this new network release swells the number of offers available to well over double with even more free gift packages to choose from as well as some money saving line rental discounts.


26/04/11 – Black HTC Wildfire S Released

HTC Wildfire S
HTC Wildfire S

The HTC Wildfire S features the new Android 2.3 Gingerbread edition and packs in a more powerful processor for a super smooth and speedy mobile experience, the screen stays the same size but the overall dimensions have shrunk as has the Wildfire S’s weight making it even more pocket friendly.

The 5.0 mega pixel camera now features 720p HD video capture and the Wildfire’s 1230mAh battery has now been upgraded to a 1300mAh which when combined with the Android 2.3 battery management features provides even more talk time and standy time.

The memory of the HTC Wildfire S can be expanded up to a great sized 32GB using MicroSD cards which you can use to store apps, photos, videos and music, and using the new upgraded 320×480-pixel touch screen you can view those stored masterpieces in even better resolution.

The HTC Wildfire S makes for a great replacement to the mid range HTC Wildfire with the S providing even better features in a more compact housing. This silver/grey edition is the first colour scheme to be launched from the new range which also includes black and purple and most definitely further colour variants later on.

HTC Wildfire S deals

Black HTC Wildfire S

Purple HTC Wildfire S


Germany and Holland First to Get Gingerbread for Samsung Galaxy S

The Android Gingerbread OS is the latest operating system Google has to offer for smartphones. It is the operating system that runs on the Google Nexus S and new smartphones on the market such as the Samsung Galaxy S II. However, if you are one of the owners of the S II’s predecessor the Galaxy S, you must have upgraded your version 2.1 (Éclair) OS to the version 2.2 (Froyo) OS. Since the Gingerbread is available on new handsets, you must wondering if the updated software is available for your S. In some parts of Europe, the updated version is now available.

The Korean phone manufacturer promised their S users that the 2.3 version (Gingerbread) will be available in the middle of April of 2011. When they said it would come by then, they weren’t kidding. Between the 15th and 16th of April, the Samsung Kies servers starting rolling out the updated version.

Although the rollout was limited to only Germany and Holland, we are sure that the software update will be available to other European countries anytime soon. Samsung did not mention when the update will be available in the UK, but that does not mean that you cannot fire up your Kies update utility and hope to get the update.

With the recent release of the update, there are a number of features and capabilities you can now enjoy. One of these features is a new virtual keyboard. It is reshaped and is more responsive. It comes with an improved copy and paste function. You get to use word selection. You can now manage power usage. You also get an application control that allows you to view apps, view power consumption of apps, and instantly stop the app if desired. Lastly, the 2.3 version comes with NFC support, which is the future of commerce.

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Virgin Mobile Deals Launched for HTC Desire S

The virtual network; Virgin Mobile, have today released the new HTC Desire S across the entire range of their pay monthly contract deals, the Desire S first hit the UK market in March as a SIM free phone before getting Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2 and Orange deals throughout the month.

This latest release of the HTC Desire S on Virgin deals means that you can pick up a free phone from £40.85 per month which includes a healthy 1GB of internet usage, also included in the tariff are 1200 minutes, 3000 text messages and of course a brand spanking new HTC Desire S phone.

HTC Desire S
HTC Desire S

The Desire S is an upgraded version of the award winning HTC Desire that won the ‘Phone of the Year’ award in 2010, now manufactured from a single piece of aluminium for extra strength and less weight the HTC Desire S has also had a secondary video camera added to it front fascia.

Also new is the latest version of the Android operating system; Android 2.3 Gingerbread as well as a bigger internal memory, longer battery life, faster processing and connectivity speed and the physical buttons that used to sit underneath the large 3.7 inch S-LCD touch screen have now been removed.

Still in place though is that high quality 5.0 mega pixel camera and sleek HTC Sense user interface, the HTC Desire S takes all that was good from the original Desire model and manages to further improve even more!


HTC Desire S deals


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