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LG Renoir KC910 on Vodafone Deals UK

The newest top end mobile phone from LG has now been made available on Vodafone in the UK, after initially launching on O2 and Orange contract deals and more recently as a SIM Free handset the new LG KC910 Renoir can now be connected to a range of Vodafone tariffs with some money saving line […]

LG KC910 SIM Free and Unlocked – LG KC910 Renoir

The latest release from LG Electronics has today been made available as a SIM free mobile phone, the LG KC910 which is also known as the Renoir phone was initially launched on O2 some days ago and more recently on Orange contract deals but today consumers can buy the new LG KC910 Renoir outright.

This […]

LG Renoir on O2 Deals UK – New LG KC910 Renoir

The high specification LG Renoir has now been made available on O2 pay monthly contract deals in the UK, after first launching on Orange just days ago the number of packages available for this new top-of-the-range mobile phone has now doubled making it easier than ever to find the cheapest deal to suit your usage.


LG KC910 Renoir on Orange Deals UK

The new 8 megapixel camera phone from LG has today been made available on Orange pay monthly contract deals in the UK, the LG Renoir is the first handset from the manufacturer to features this high specification camera lens and looks to be in good company with other manufacturers releasing their own 8 mega pixel […]

LG KC910 Renoir, Samsung M8800 Pixon or Sony Ericsson C905?

A new breed of mobile phones is upon us – a brand new collection of 8 megapixel camera phones is set to be released over the coming days but which will best suit your needs?

We give a quick overview of the upcoming 8 mega pixels phones that will hopefully help you decide on your […]