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Eric Schmidt says Google’s goal is to get smartphone down to the £45 range

Fancy a Samsung Galaxy S2 or an HTC Sensation XE at a mere £45? Who wouldn’t? Currently this is all just fantasy, but according to Google chairman Eric Schmidt, this will become reality by next year.

Schmidt made this prediction after his keynote speech at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. When one from the audience asked when are we to expect Android feature phones, Schmidt said, “A better question is when will smart phones cost what feature phones cost? And the answer to that is next year.”

The chairman said that Google has “many, many partners” who are hard at work developing simple smartphones sporting basic screens and browsers as low as £60. Okay, so maybe not flagships as low as £60, but we’ll take the cheap Android smartphones nonetheless. Schmidt added, “The eventual goal is to get to the $70 (£45) range.”

Schmidt says that If and when smartphones are brought down to the £45 range, they can be resold cheaper second hand. He adds, “All of a sudden there’s huge new market.” He was obviously excited over the millions of Android users they can potentially gather.

Can’t wait for Android smartphones to go down to £45? Give us your thoughts.