Sony looks to ship 65 million XPERIA smartphones in 2014

It seems Sony Mobile Communications, makers of handsets such as the Sony XPERIA Z1, is looking to ship 65 million XPERIA smartphones in 2014.Sony-Mobile-Communications-Logo

This is according to DigiTimes. The site reports, “Sony Mobile Communications aims to ship 65 million smartphones in its fiscal year 2014 (April 2014-March 2015), up 55% from the 42 million units projected for the current fiscal year, according to sources in the vendor’s supply chain.”

It seems Sony will not be focusing on Android-powered smartphones alone. It will also be launching Firefox OS-powered smartphones in 2014. DigiTimes says, “Additionally, Sony Mobile also plans to launch its first Firefox-based smartphone in 2014 targeting emerging markets as well as the entry-level to mid-range smartphone segment.”

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