Sony to cut wireless charging in half in 2014

Sony, makers of the Sony XPERIA Z1, will be cutting down the time it takes your phone via wireless charging in half in 2014.Sony-logo-wallpaper

This is according to Nikkei. The site reports, “TOKYO (Nikkei)–Sony Corp. (6758) and Rohm Co. (6963) have each developed devices that can sharply shorten the time it takes to wirelessly charge a smartphone or tablet.

“Sony says its new device uses 10-15 watts and supplies twice the electricity of previous chargers, cutting charging time by half, to around one hour. It is based on specifications currently being finalized by the Wireless Power Consortium for wireless charging under the Qi international standard.

“The electronic group’s semiconductor division took the lead in developing the device and plans to apply the resulting technology to integrated circuits that control charging.

“Rohm Co. (6963) has also developed control chips for charging at up to 10-15 watts. The microchips are expected to be incorporated into Qi-compatible chargers and smartphones. Increasing the power supply raises fears of overheating, but by carefully engineering the control circuitry, the company was able to keep heat generation down and enhance usability.

“Both Sony’s and Rohm’s products are expected to be commercialized in the latter half of 2014.”

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