Samsung’s Tizen-powered smartphones reportedly coming as early as March

The smartphone market is dominated by two platforms – Android led by Samsung and Apple’s iOS. Although the Korean tech giant is clearly the leader when it comes to Android-powered devices, it is planning to rival Android and iOS with Tizen-powered smartphones. According to a report, these Tizen-powered Samsung-made smartphones will be coming as early as March.TIZEN-New-Logo-2

The report comes to us courtesy of Japan-based site Mainichi. According to the site, “Smartphones running on the Tizen operating system, developed by mobile phone operators in Japan, South Korea and China, are expected to be unveiled as early as February to rival those devices based on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems which together account for over 90 percent of the world market.

“The Asian firms, including NTT Docomo Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., want to forge a “third force” to hold out against the iOS and Android operating systems and ensure that their smartphone business will be a long-term key revenue stream.

“According to sources close to the companies concerned, there will be an announcement on the release of Samsung smartphones based on the Tizen OS in time for the “Mobile World Congress 2014,” a mobile phone trade fair to be held in Barcelona, Spain, in February. There will also be an announcement on the opening of “stores” for apps that can run on the Tizen OS, the sources said. Samsung will put Tizen-based smartphones on the market as early as this spring, the sources said. Japan’s NTT Docomo intends to further improve the operability and other functions of the new operating system and release their Tizen-based smartphones by the end of this year.”

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