Samsung U600 Colour Range Expands

Samsung Mobile are dominating the mobile phone market this summer by continuing to offer consumers a personal choice with their new mobile phone. One of the most important factors when buying a new mobile phone is colour and the manufacturer has now added a seventh colour to its Ultra Edition range.

Samsung Mobile are gearing up for a Q3 report that they hope to show as their busiest yet, mainly due to their unique approach to marketing the popular models of their mobile phones.
If a mobile manufacturer realises that they have a particular model outselling all others they usually tend to roll out the same handset with the same specifications but in different colour schemes thus increasing sales with the extra personalisation.
This was first seen a couple of years ago when Motorola found fame with its top selling ‘RAZR V3’ model and so the manufacturer released a blue, pink, and silver version.

Samsung have taken this theory one step further by launching their flagship model, the Samsung U600 in seven different colours enticing broad appeal across the entore spectrum of mobile users. These colours inlcude black, blue, red, pink, silver, gold and white.

Samsung U600 Pink

The U600 is also known as the Ultra Edition 10.9 relating to the depth of the handset being 10.9mm, this same model naming system is being used across the Ultra Edition range of handsets.
Its overall dimensions are impressive weighing just 95g and measuring 49.3mm in width this handset will comfortably fit into most suit and trouser pockets.
Samsungs trademark smooth slide is present in this new model protecting the keypad from the elements whilst not in use and making for easy call answering by simply pushing the slide upwards with the thumb to activate.

Samsung have incorporated their highest quality camera into the U600, a 3.2 megapixel digital lens with support for video record and playback and integrated flash. The pictures are of the same quality as from a standalone camera and can easily be uploaded to PC via USB cable or shared with friends via Bluetooth to compatible devices. Bluetooth can also be used for safe handsfree speech whilst driving with a compatible car-kit.

The display automatically lights up when opened to reveal a 2.2 inch widescreen offering 256,000 colours which compliments the high quality phots and video clips shot with the camera.

Other great features include an MP3 Player for uploading, creating playlists and listening to music tracks and albums, the music can also be used for ringtones and alerts for incoming text messages. An expandable memory supplies enough storage for all of those pictures, video clips, music tracks and applications using MicroSD cards up to 2GB.

There is also an internet browser for surfing the net and email support with the facility to send and receive Word. Excel and Powerpoint documents as email attachments, ideal for professionals whilst away from the office. The U600 can also send and receive electronic business cards for quick transfer of corporate or personal details via SMS.

Overall the Samsung U600 offers all of todays technology squeezed into a slim and stylish handset that will appeal to everyone from business users to dedicated followers of gadgets.

The range of U600 colour schemes is now complete with the addition of the Samsung U600 Pink, there is now a colour for every taste. All of the models feature exactly the same specifications and features it is really just a matter of deciding which colour matches your personality.

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