Samsung said to soon announce Galaxy S4 hitting 20 million

Wondering how many units of the Samsung Galaxy S4 have been sold around the world? A report is saying that the Korean tech giant will soon announce that their current flagship has hit 20 million.SamsungGalaxyS411

The report comes from Android Beat. The site reports, “The Korean website iNews24 is reporting that Samsung will soon be holding a press conference to announce that GS4 unit sales have surpassed 20 million unit sales. Considering that the device started shipping in late April, that would mean it’s taken roughly two months to hit this milestone. For the sake of comparison, it took the GS3 100 days to hit the same figure.”

It adds, “When the GS4 hit 10 million units sold, it was at a growth rate of 2x the GS3. With this new figure, it’s more like 1.6x, which is still impressive, but not as impressive as analysts are expecting.”

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