Samsung promises 64-bit processing functionality in upcoming smartphones

Apple has announced a 64-bit processing functionality in its A7 chip. Samsung promises the same in upcoming devices. The Korean tech giant’s current lineup consisting of devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 does not sport the feature.Samsung-Logo

The Korea Times says that mobile business chief at Samsung, Shin Jong-kyun, implied that upcoming devices would sport the 64-bit functionality. The newspaper reports, “The co-CEO implied that upcoming Samsung Galaxy-branded smartphones will be more powerful and faster by confirming that they would have 64-bit processing capability.

“Apple announced that its new iPhone 5S will be driven by an ARM-based A7 processor that can process data in 64 bits, or twice the number for previous chips. The processor will be able to handle code for more demanding applications, including high-end games.”

Shin said, “Not in the shortest time. But yes, our next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality.”

The newspaper adds, “Samsung officials contacted by The Korea Times said the release of the new iPhones means that the competition will be getting fiercer with Apple for a higher share in the highly-lucrative Chinese smartphone market.

“As of the end of the second quarter of this year, Samsung was the top smartphone seller in China with 19.4 percent of the market. Apple’s share was a negligible 4.3 percent.”

A “low-ranking industry executive” told the newspaper, “Apple believes that it can boost its market share in China thanks to stronger brand awareness. However, with better pricing, a diversified product lineup and solid partnerships with local channels, Samsung plans to keep its current momentum in China. We have no reason to allow Apple to steal market share from us.”

The executive added, “In order to meet consumer demand and to better respond to changing market situations, Samsung Electronics plans to release mobile devices that both support TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE in China ahead of previous schedules.”

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