Samsung launches TDD/FDD Dual Mode LTE versions of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini – why it matters

Samsung has launched TDD/FDD Dual Mode LTE versions of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini, the first of its kind in the world.Samsung-Announces-GALAXY-S4-and-GALAXY-S4-mini

The Korean tech giant announced on its official blog, “Samsung Electronics announced the world’s first commercial devices capable of TDD-LTE (Time-Division Duplex) and FDD-LTE (Frequency Division Duplex) seamless handover technology. Samsung will launch TDD/FDD Dual Mode LTE versions of the Samsung GALAXY S4 and Samsung GALAXY S4 mini, which will enable continuous and seamless voice and data communications even as the devices switch between two different types of LTE networks.”

Samsung further explains, “While the majority of the global LTE market is based on FDD-LTE technology, TDD-LTE, the alternative LTE technology, is expected to see increased adoption in the US, China, Australia, Middle East, Northern and Eastern Europe, and Southwest Asia, and to gain a more pronounced position in the global LTE market. Seamless handover between FDD-LTE and TDD-LTE networks is a critical feature for end-user customers and mobile operators, especially in markets where the both technologies are deployed.

“As a market pioneer in LTE technology, Samsung’s new support of seamless handover with the GALAXY S4 will enable even more convenient, ultra-fast mobile data communications, and provide users with smooth and seamless data communication without delays or interruptions while browsing or on calls during network handover. In addition, the seamless handover will enable a true global LTE roaming solution, enabling users to enjoy fast and rich multimedia data communication wherever they are. For mobile operators, use of both TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE frequencies can help them effectively manage data traffic and sustain quality of service. For example, mobile operators can allocate data traffic from FDD-LTE frequency to TDD-LTE frequency when FDD-LTE frequency is heavily loaded.”

Now why does this matter? EE currently uses FDD-LTE. However, if ever a switch were to be made, you no longer need to worry about getting a new phone since either one of the two supports both. This is also ideal for people who often travel, since the phones will support any type of 4G LTE network.

In terms of availability, the handsets will be coming sometime this third quarter (July to September).

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