Samsung GT S7330 in Pink on 3 UK – Samsung S7330

A new Soul looky likey mobile phone has just been released by Samsung in the UK, the new GT S7330 has been launched in Pink on 3 Mobile contract deals from Free.


Samsung S7330 Pink
Samsung S7330 Pink

Check out this sexy slider, the Samsung S7330 Pink. Get loads of features crammed into a 13.7mm thin metallic body. With the 3 Megapixel camera your pics will be spot on every time thanks to face detection and smile detect auto-shot. When you’re not snapping away, you can go online at broadband speeds, easily accessing your top sites with Favourites.

Make the external touchscreen menu your own and feel yourself moving through your options with tiny vibrations from the haptic feedback feature. View documents while listening to your favourite tunes and get info sent straight to your mobile with RSS feeds.

Smooth and ultra stylish, the Samsung S7330 makes a splash in exclusive pink.


Pink Samsung S7330
Pink Samsung S7330



Pink Samsung S7330 Features:

Advanced magiacl touch by DaCP

• Advanced magical touch by DaCP™ offers an intuitive and inventive way to navigate the phone

• Navigation touch panel shows input options in the form of simple icons that adapt according to your needs

• Magical touch icons illuminate in different colors, changing automatically according to the LCD’s theme

• Each of the 4 icon positions can adopt a separate color 

• Tactile haptic feedback provides 5 different vibetone options

HSDPA 3.6Mbps

• Enjoy speeds as fast as 3.6Mbps

• Download large files quickly or tream video for instant playback 

• Hold video conversations easily with other 3G/HSDPA mobile users

Genuine metal body

• Stylish and elegant design (inspiration from Samsung’s Soul mobile) 

• Genuine brushed metal battery cover gives off a premium look

• Easy to grip and comfortable to hold due to ergonomic and portable size

• Long stroke slider adds important menu keys right above the keypad, making communication tasks simpler

• Glossy keypad looks and feel great; easy to slide fingers over keys when calling or text messaging

• Ergonomic dome keys spill over the contoured edge of the mobile,making them easier to press

Samsung S7330 Pink Deals



  • julie

    February 1, 2009

    hi my name is julie this phone is so cool!!!!

  • Tess

    July 13, 2009

    This has got to be the worse phone I’ve ever had the misfortune to own! Not user-friendly and the signal off this handset is a joke. Navigation of menus is highly irritating- you hit “back” and it takes you right back to the beginning so you have to start all over again. Have always used Nokia in the past, and this handset has cured my curiosity of other brands. Can’t wait to be out of my 18 month contract with three just to get rid of this terrible phone!!


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