Samsung going after the Smart watch trademark

The famous Galaxy range maker has applied for South Korean and US trademarks for a watch that can connect to the internet. The Korean tech giant described this as the “Samsung Galaxy Gear” as a wearable digital electronic gadget in the form of a wristwatch. In its July 29th application with the US PTO (US Patent and Trademark Office), Samsung described it as wrist band or bangle. Last June, Samsung applied for “Samsung Gear” trademark in South Korea. samsung_smartwatch_concept_2-580x386

Samsung’s trademark applications showed drawings from their patent design approved last May and it shows a watch-like device with flexible screen and one that curves around the wrist. Unfortunately, their latest trademark application did not show the actual shape of the product.

The US PTO application said that the device will be “capable of providing access to the internet, for sending and receiving phone calls, electronic mails and messages” as well as “for keeping track of or managing personal information.”

Both of Samsung’s trademark application filings in South Korea and in the US shows that the Korean tech giant is in heavy preparations for what they see as the new generation of mobile technology (which dramatically expands use of single-function objects in the likes of glasses and watches).

The iPhone maker also applied for a trademark patent in Japan for its “iWatch” on June 3. Experts speculated that the iPad and iPhone maker is currently working on a smart watch that utilizes a version of the current OS that powers the iPad and iPhone. Apple has not confirmed the said rumour but its CEO (Tim Cook) has hinted that they may be developing a wearable computing device.

Meanwhile, the South Korean Patent Office said that trademark for gears will not be approved this year. Why? According to the said agency, it takes seven to eight months for them to start reviewing applications due to long waiting list. In addition, it was only last June 21st when Samsung applied for its trademark in South Korea.

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