Samsung Galaxy S5 to be clad in stainless steel and composites?

According to past reports, the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Korean tech giant’s next flagship, will be clad in metal. A new report says that the “Premium” version of the handset will be clad in stainless steel and composites.sasmung-galaxy-s5-stainless-steel

The new rumour comes to us courtesy of Korean-speaking news site ETNews. The report was then spotted by GforGames. According to the site, “At this point, the general consensus is that we’ll have at least two Galaxy S5 versions: a regular one, made out of plastic, and a “Premium” model which might be built out of metal and come with a flexible display. The latter was rumored, at one point, to come with a diamond-like coating, but a new report straight out of Korea is claiming otherwise.”

The site adds, “According to the Korean media, the “Premium” version of the Galaxy S5 will be built out of metal, but not in its entirety. According to “industry sources“, the Galaxy S5 will come with a Stainless Steel battery cover, while other components of its case will be made out of plastic.

“We’re not entirely sure how this works, but this decision has allegedly been made in order to reduce the weight of the device. Of course, one way to make sure the smartphone is “lighter” would be to use materials like aluminum and magnesium. Previous rumors have suggested just that, but the new report is claiming that Samsung has abandoned the idea due to undisclosed “supply chain issues”.

Of course, since Samsung is yet to reveal details about the Samsung Galaxy S5, take this with a pinch of salt.

Samsung is expected to lift the lid on their new flagship in April.

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