Samsung Launches the Galaxy Round Smart Phone with Curved Display

Samsung have officially unveiled the world’s first ever smart phone with a curved screen and it’s called the ‘Samsung Galaxy Round’! Sharing many similar features to that of their latest flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it is however an unprecedented moment that potentially get’s us that step closer to broken phones and smashed screens being a thing of the past.

Sporting a 5.7 inch full HD AMOLED super flexible curved screen display that offers a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920p and fits more comfortably in your hand, making one handed operations that much easier, the Samsung Galaxy Round boasts some intriguing features as a result.

Weighing in at 154 g, the Galaxy Round is as one would expect remarkably slim at just 7.9 mm considering its nature.

Samsung's Galaxy Round with curved screen
Samsung Galaxy Round

One of the biggest features of the Galaxy Round is of course what they call the ‘Roll Effect’ which is only possible thanks to its curved screen as reported by Samsung in a press release:  “As a result of its unique curved design, users can take advantage of round integration experiences like the Roll Effect.”  This in essence allows users to check standard information whilst the home screen is off.

Other highlighted features include ‘Bounce UX’ for music and ‘Side Mirror’ for pictures and video’s that offer similar functionality.

Check out this video that shows how the Roll Effect works:


But as we said before, the Samsung Galaxy Round does share a lot in common with the Galaxy Note 3 despite its unique design.  Both devices are powered by a 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 3GB of RAM on board, backed up by a powerful battery and 32GB of internal storage with optional microSD card expansion up to 64GB.  Both have a 13 mega pixel camera with LED flash which can shoot ultra-HD video at 30fps and both come with Android v4.3 pre-installed along with Samsung’s latest TouchWiz user interface.

Here’s for the bad news though! For now, at least, it looks as though the Samsung Galaxy Round will only be available in South Korea and will set consumers back 1.09 million won (that’s around the £630 mark).  Initially being released in only one colour variant, Luxury Brown, there are rumours that further colour schemes will follow.

Disappointed that there are no plans to release the Samsung Galaxy Round in the UK?  Well,  LG have already announced that they are getting ready to start producing flexible OLED smart phone panels themselves.  Samsung have obviously beaten them to the punch by releasing the Galaxy Round but hopefully this means that it wont be long before curved display smart phones start hitting the UK shores.

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