Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Launched on T-Mobile Contract Deals

Initially exclusive to Phones4U, the stunning Pink colour variant Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is now available with a number of other retailers.  Released on O2, Vodafone and 4G EE networks the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Pink has also landed on T-Mobile in the UK with a range of contract deals from which to choose.

Best Galaxy Note 3 Pink Deals
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Pink Cheap Contract Deals

Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cheap T-Mobile Deals

The cheapest of these new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Pink T-Mobile deals is just £27.99 per month offering 250 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data each month!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Pink – Overview

The Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the perfect device for those who have big ideas and need a smartphone to match. With plenty of room to manoeuvre, this handset is like a desktop computer that you can have with you at all times, offering a super-sized digital landscape for all your mobile needs.

Featuring an enormous 5.7-inch display, the Note 3 is ideal for either work or play, providing a broad canvas that you can fill with whatever you see fit. Whether you’re sketching out meeting plans and showing off presentations or delving deep into the latest 3D game, the quad-core processor will always be one step ahead of you, making sure you are never left wanting more power.

Android 4.3 is backed up with an incredible 3GB of RAM, ensuring slick and seamless performance, and Samsung has included the unique S Pen stylus that lets you write directly onto the display, taking full control of your digital life. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Pink offers a wide and wonderful window into the online world.

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