Samsung decreasing orders for 10.1-inch tablet parts, report claims

Samsung is said to be decreasing orders for 10.1-inch tablet parts and is focusing on smaller tablets such as the 8-inc and 7-inch Galaxy Tab

The news comes to us courtesy of DigiTimes. According to the site, “Samsung Electronics has reduced orders for components used in 10.1-inch tablets, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers, because 10.1-inch tablet sales have been far below expectations due to strong competition from 7-inch models.”

It adds, “Samsung should have no trouble achieving annual table shipments of 35 million units in 2013, but if its 10.1-inch tablets continue to see weaker sales than 7-inch models, Samsung will have to rethink its strategy for the tablet market, the source said.

“The sources pointed out that if Samsung is able to achieve good development for the 10.1-inch segment, it should help the company expend in the large-size notebook market with developments such as convertible notebooks. Since 7-inch tablets are positioned more toward the smartphone segment, Samsung’s success in the 7-inch segment may only provide limited assistance for the company in its move to strengthen its PC lineup. It is also impacting the company’s profitability.”

Of course, since the Korean tech giant is yet to confirm if it is decreasing orders for 10.1-inch tablets, take this with a pinch of salt.

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