Photos showing iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C side by side leaked

We’ve all seen leaked photos of the iPhone 5S smartphone, successor of the iPhone 5 smartphone. We’ve also seen leaks of the iPhone 5C, Apple’s rumoured budget handset. Now, new photos showing the handsets side by side have been leaked.

The leak comes from Sonny Dickson. According to the site, “We’ve leaked iPhone 5C shells. We’ve leaked iPhone 5S shells. And now, direct from our sources within Apple’s supply chain, here they both are side by side, with a heaping helping of additional parts to add to the excitement!

“You’re looking at our most extensive iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C part leak yet, with a variety of ribbon cables and components, including the entire intact casings, vibration motor, audio jack, SIM trays, the front and rear cameras, the mounts to attach all of the components to the casing, and more.”

Here are the photos:







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