Samsung G600 – Samsung Goes 5 Megapixels

There has been a lot of hype surrounding this new release from Samsung, as soon as the model gained FCC approval the forums started to light up with speculation about release dates. Well it has now arrived, Samsung’s first 5 megapixel camera phone.

Contrary to popular belief, the new Samsung camera phone is actually the third phone to be released onto the UK market with a 5 megapixel camera.

Most, if not everybody has now heard of the new Nokia N95 but many will not have heard of the first high specification camera phone to be launched with 5mp – The LG KG920 Leo. The LG model had a very quiet launch and is still only available from very select mobile outlets.

So the new Samsung model has two competitors already, but worry not, this new phone is far more sleek, stylish and smaller than the others.

It is the Samsung G600, or to give it its full and proper model title: Samsung SGH-G600.

Samsung G600

The G600 makes great use of Samsung’s trademark smooth slide, protecting and revealing the hidden keypad and softly clicking into place. The overall look of this new model is full of sleek curves with a matt black finish, there are no rumours as yet as to whether this model will be subject to Samsung colour branding escapades seen recently with their U600 range of now 7 different colours.

The phones 2.2 inch display offers is a QVGA with 240 x 320 pixel resolution and 16 million colours which is sure to pleasure those who like to view their works of art on screen before transferring. The overall feature pack is not dissimilar to that of other high-end Samsung models but it is the camera that is the real selling point.

The 5 megapixel camera has one of the best video recording resolutions on the market and when combined with a TV-out function you can plus directly into or connect via Bluetooth to a TV set and display your video clips for all to see.
The camera offers digital zoom, the all important autofocus and built-in flash for poor light conditions and would make an ideal replacement for a standalone camera saving you having to take two devices out with you.

Other features include an MP3 Player making short work of creating new playlists for your enjoyment, an FM Radio for tuning into your favourite station whilst out and about plus expandable memory using MicroSD cards of up to 2GB, enough storage for the busiest music or photographic enthusiast to save their music tracks, pictures and video clips.

When the G600 is closed there are some handy external keys to navigate the menu and check status information, as well as an extra button on the side of the phone to take stunning pictures with the camera.

This is a Quad band handset allowing the user to travel the world and connect to foreign networks without even knowing as the phone will automatically detect and select the strongest signal in the area.

The Samsung G600 has a good battery life with 3.5 hours of talktime and 300 hours of standby time, pretty impressive for such a high specification phone.

In conclusion, the unique selling point of the G600 is without doubt the 5 megapixel camera, but with the range of features on offer and the sleek, curved styling this phone will attract a big consumer range from those who enjoy owning the latest gadgets through to the real photography experts for quick but quality pictures on the spot.

Nokia 7500 Prism is a Geometric Futurism

Nokia are the leading mobile phone manufacturer in the UK based in no small part to their innovative approach to design. Their latest ‘fashion phone’ represents a new generation of stylish handsets using 3D and geometric shapes for a stylish finish.

 Nokia have led the way in the mobile market for the past 11 years, wowing consumers with new technology, design and innovation around the world.

The manufacturer has not stood idle with its latest mobile phone design and has gone back to the drawing board with the original candy-bar layout but with a very different twist that has not been seen before.

The Nokia 7500 Prism represents a design rethink on fashion phones, rather than opting to attach a famous clothing designers name or install high end photographic lenses, Nokia have redesigned the candy-bar phone into a futuristic looking 3D masterpeice.

Nokia 7500

The outer casing of the Prism features raised 3D triangles both front and back giving an overall appearance of expense and class. The keys that make up the front of the handset are also in triangular formation which blends perfectly with the overall design of the phone.

The Nokia 7500 Prism offers a lot more than just futuristic looks, it is filled with the latest technology including a 2.0 megapixel camera supporting video record and playback, built-in flash and digital zoom. An MP3 player and FM Radio allows users to upload their favourite music tracks and create playlists or tune into their local radio station whilst out and about.

The 2 inch OLED display offers a maximum 16 million colours for viewing pictures, video clips and downloads in high quality.

There are no shortage of data transfer routes either with a USB connection for direct PC communication and GPRS and EDGE technology for fast download speeds of new mobile content such as music, games, ringontes and themes. Bluetooth is also present for swapping pictures and video clips with friends and connecting to handsfree car kits for safe speech whilst driving.

To make room for all of the pictures, video clips, content downloads and music tracks there is a MicroSD card slot allowing for memory expansion up to a massive 2GB.

The casing can personalised with three different coloured strips which come in the package which are interchangeable with the band around the outside of the phone. This is a very light handset weighing in at just 82g and with overall dimensions of 109 x 43.9 x 14.4 mm will comfortably fit most pockets.

The 7500 also offers a web browser and push email support so this handset could even make it into the lives of busy professionals.

There is another version of this phone planned for release soon known as the Nokia 7900, the specifications are almost identical with the addition of 3G for video calling and even faster download speeds. Three colour schemes are planned for the 7500 Prism, Black, White and Red and all featured the intechangeable colour ‘accents’ for personalisation.

The Nokia 7500 Prism sets itself apart from other phones on the market with its geometric design and high specification features, this not just another phone for the fashion followers but a phone that competes with the latest model releases for high technology and will appeal to a broader market requiring a phone to not only look good but to deliver the latest communication package.

Samsung U600 Colour Range Expands

Samsung Mobile are dominating the mobile phone market this summer by continuing to offer consumers a personal choice with their new mobile phone. One of the most important factors when buying a new mobile phone is colour and the manufacturer has now added a seventh colour to its Ultra Edition range.

Samsung Mobile are gearing up for a Q3 report that they hope to show as their busiest yet, mainly due to their unique approach to marketing the popular models of their mobile phones.
If a mobile manufacturer realises that they have a particular model outselling all others they usually tend to roll out the same handset with the same specifications but in different colour schemes thus increasing sales with the extra personalisation.
This was first seen a couple of years ago when Motorola found fame with its top selling ‘RAZR V3’ model and so the manufacturer released a blue, pink, and silver version.

Samsung have taken this theory one step further by launching their flagship model, the Samsung U600 in seven different colours enticing broad appeal across the entore spectrum of mobile users. These colours inlcude black, blue, red, pink, silver, gold and white.

Samsung U600 Pink

The U600 is also known as the Ultra Edition 10.9 relating to the depth of the handset being 10.9mm, this same model naming system is being used across the Ultra Edition range of handsets.
Its overall dimensions are impressive weighing just 95g and measuring 49.3mm in width this handset will comfortably fit into most suit and trouser pockets.
Samsungs trademark smooth slide is present in this new model protecting the keypad from the elements whilst not in use and making for easy call answering by simply pushing the slide upwards with the thumb to activate.

Samsung have incorporated their highest quality camera into the U600, a 3.2 megapixel digital lens with support for video record and playback and integrated flash. The pictures are of the same quality as from a standalone camera and can easily be uploaded to PC via USB cable or shared with friends via Bluetooth to compatible devices. Bluetooth can also be used for safe handsfree speech whilst driving with a compatible car-kit.

The display automatically lights up when opened to reveal a 2.2 inch widescreen offering 256,000 colours which compliments the high quality phots and video clips shot with the camera.

Other great features include an MP3 Player for uploading, creating playlists and listening to music tracks and albums, the music can also be used for ringtones and alerts for incoming text messages. An expandable memory supplies enough storage for all of those pictures, video clips, music tracks and applications using MicroSD cards up to 2GB.

There is also an internet browser for surfing the net and email support with the facility to send and receive Word. Excel and Powerpoint documents as email attachments, ideal for professionals whilst away from the office. The U600 can also send and receive electronic business cards for quick transfer of corporate or personal details via SMS.

Overall the Samsung U600 offers all of todays technology squeezed into a slim and stylish handset that will appeal to everyone from business users to dedicated followers of gadgets.

The range of U600 colour schemes is now complete with the addition of the Samsung U600 Pink, there is now a colour for every taste. All of the models feature exactly the same specifications and features it is really just a matter of deciding which colour matches your personality.

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Sony Ericsson P1i is the New Sony Smartphone

Sony Ericsson have reason to pride themselves as being at the forefront of mobile communication design after releasing handsets that have continually broken new ground.

The new Sony Ericsson P1i is their latest smartphone offering with full PDA functionality and new high speed connection options.

Sony Ericsson have been producing high quality PDA smartphones for over 4 years, their first model was commonly classed as groundbreaking integrating new features that could only be found in the bulky laptops of the day.

The manufacturers first model was called the Sony Ericsson P800 and was produced in the companys trademark green casing. The unique new features that this model offered over other mobile phones were full support for document viewing and email attchments and a dual flip design that allowed the user to use the handset whilst closed as well as open for text input.

These may not sound like momentous steps forward today but this was cutting edge technology squeezed into a phone that was no bigger than the normal dimensions of other phones of its time.

Realising the success of this new form of communication, Sony Ericsson released further models with even more features and technology. The next model to appear was the Sony Ericsson P900 followed by the P910 and more recently the P990i.

As the new models emerged they continually became smaller, lighter and more feature packed, offering everything one could expect of a PDA plus the integration of Bluetooth support for wireless connections, high quality digital cameras, further support for pocket edition software and high speed connections to the internet for browsing and downloading emails.

Sony Ericsson had in effect created the ultimate mobile office, something that could not be achieved with a normal laptop and connection.

The latest edition of the smartphone range is the new Sony Ericsson P1i, an unmistakable direct upgrade to its predecessors. The overall design has only change a little with sharper, more defined corners and a new ‘brushed steel’ effect casing.  The weight of this new handset has also been shaved down from 155g of the P990i to 124g and the phones dimensions have shrunk from 114 x 57 x 25mm down to 106 x 55 x 17 mm.  Despite the reduction in size this is by far the most powerful smartphone that Sony Ericsson have released to date.  3G support has been intergrated for broadband speed download of new mobile content such as new applications and email attachments plus access to the latest news and sports headlines, movie trailers and music videos. 

Sony Ericsson P1i

The built-in camera has been upgraded to 3.2 megapixels with digital zoom and flash and now there is a secondary camera solely for face to face video calling via 3G.  Other features include an advanced Music Player, FM Stereo Radio, and the all important handwriting recegnition software giving the user quick and easy text input.

The connectivity lines have opened with WiFi and UMTS being added, this is a significant addition as the phone will now connect to wireless hotspots for free and quick internet access whilst out and about.

When Sony Ericsson exclaimed that they had designed the ultimate mobile office all those years ago, even they could not have guessed how far their own technology would take them with the new Sony Ericsson P1i.

Sony Ericsson W580i is a New Walkman with Fitness Applications

Mobile manufacturers are constantly striving to install new and innovative technology into the latest release models. Sony Ericsson have added a unique set of fitness applications to their W580i Walkman phone that will keep users informed, monitored and working out.

In these days of high specification technology, consumer needs and stylish design it is sometimes hard to keep up. Mobile phones are continually being released with new and exciting features tailored to specific lifestyles, the main categories being photography, music and fashion.
Sony Ericsson now offer a substantial range of their Walkman mobile phones that appeal to the music orientated youth who demand the latest music software, the highest audio quality and the maximum amount of storage for their thousands of music tracks.

The latest phone to be launched from the Walkman range is the Sony Ericsson W580i and the manufacturer has installed some very unique applications that will not only please the music lovers but keep them entertained and informed whilst they are working out.

Sony Ericsson W580i Urban Grey

The W580i offers the latest edition of Sony’s Walkman software – Walkman 2.0. This powerful feature allows the user to organise, rename and recognise all of their favourite music tracks, artists and albums much like an iPod, it also allows for easy upload of new music files via PC.
Another interesting addition is an FM Radio featuring RDS and TrackID which allows the user to see the name of the track and artist and other station related information.

The Sony Ericsson W580i is equipped with a 2.0 megapixel camera supporting video record and playback as well as Bluetooth technology for easy wireless transfer of files to compatible devices.
The user can easily take a picture and share it with another compatible mobile phone, this also applies to other files stored within the phone including music tracks, ringtones, games, video clips and downloaded content.

The most common complaint from users of music orientated mobile phones is that there is never enough available memory for storing their music tracks, however the Sony W580i is memory stick compatible allowing for memory expansion up to a very respectful 2GB.

The memory cards can also be removed and shared with compatible devices, so pictures taken with the phone could easily be printed from compatible printers, emails can be easily transfered to compatible laptops and whole music playlists can be exchanged between compatible Walkman phones.

The W580i has a mobile internet browser installed as well as email support so whilst this phone may sound as though it is solely aimed at the music user, it is actually a useful tool for work and to keep up to date with current affairs.

The most interesting features of the W580i are an array of unique fitness applications coupled with GPS technology, these include a pedometer for counting your steps whilst out running and GPS navigation so you can plan a route before leaving and never get lost. When coupled with the music software you can begin to understand who this phones market is, the health conscious, professional music lover who runs a couple of times a week can now leave their other music and fitness devices at home.

With the amount of features and applications packed into the W580i you may be surprised to learn that it just 14mm thick and weighs only 94g, this makes for an ideal pocket companion whilst out and about.

The W580i is available in two colour schemes, the Sony Ericsson W580i Urban Grey and the Sony Ericsson W580i Style White.