Nokia 5310 Red Music is Released on O2 Orange & Virgin Mobile

Music and mobile phones have been merged together ever since the popularity of MP3 players were released, if there is one thing that mobile phone manufacturers are good at it is inspecting the latest gadgets to hit the market and then instructing their research and development departments to incorporate the feature into their handsets.

This has been seen time and again by the leading manufacturers, first there was the introduction of digital cameras into phones, then music players, next came multimedia players to include video and then GPS satellite navigation. The manufacturers feel that consumers should only need to leave their homes with one multi functional gadget as opposed to many standalone devices and they are dedicated to making it the mobile phone.

Integrated music players have come a long way since their initial introduction to the mobile phone, these days users are supplied with software to easily drag and drop music files on their PC directly into the phones memory, download new music tracks direct from the mobile internet and more recently facilitate the creation of playlists to organise and manage the tracks to suit genre, mood or tempo.

The new Nokia 5310 Red Edition offers all of this music player technology as well as a substantial onboard memory that can store up to a staggering 300 songs, a real rival for standalone music devices such as iPods and Zen MP3 players.

The 5310 is slightly different to the Xpress Music phones that went before it, the design format is that of the standard candy bar with no flips, slides or twists, this allows plenty of room for some dedicated music control keys that are located to the left hand side of the main display screen. From here the user can play, rewind, fast forward and pause their music tracks as well as shuffle randomly.

There have also been some major improvements to the battery life when compared with the previous 5300 model, the 5310 offers 18 hours of music playback time between charges and there is also a 3.5mm Av jack so users no longer have to use the branded headphones that are supplied with the equipment.

The 5310 is far slimmer than previous models and measures just 9.9mm in depth, aside from the music features the handset also offers a 2.0 megapixel camera with a flash for poor light conditions, a digital zoom for close up photography and support for video recording and playback.

Connectivity options include GPRS, UMTS and Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP stereo support, this enhances the transmitted music into stereo when listening via Bluetooth headphones. This wireless technology also allows for transfer of music, picture and video files to compatible devices as well as connections to hands free car kits and headsets for safe hands free driving.

The Nokia 5310 Red is a marked improvement on previous models, it seems the manufacturer has taken on board the consumers niggles and gripes and produced a competent, desirable and stylish music orientated mobile phone.

The Nokia 5310 Red Edition is set to be joined by a Blue version that offers exactly the same specifications, features and design but with blue strips either side of the main display that houses the dedicated music buttons.

Samsung U600 Purple is an Orange Network Exclusive

Christmas is by far the busiest time of the year for retailers in all industries and the mobile phone sector enjoys bumper sales leading up to and during the festive period. The majority of mobile phone purchases in this period are pay as you go phone deals mostly because their is no contract to sign and no credit check to pass, making the packages ideal presents.

The overwhelming difference between this Christmas and last year is an influx of new colour variant mobile phones, these are handsets that are being sold with different coloured casings. The theory behind this new sales ploy is simple, now that consumers can no longer buy mobile phones that facilitate removable fascias for personalisation the manufacturers are able to release varying coloured handsets to attract different cliental.

One significant example of this is the amount of pink coloured mobile phones now available on the market, these are being snapped up by a predominantly female client base which the manufacturers are seeing an increased revenue from.

The latest colour variant of a popular model to be released is actually the only of it’s kind for the moment, it is the new Samsung U600 Purple. It is to be the first UK model to be officially called purple and the closest available colour variants at the moment are a Sony Ericsson K550i Plum and Samsung E250 Lilac.

The Samsung U600 Purple has come about due to an exclusive agreement struck between Samsung and the UK network operator Orange for sole distribution rights. This will no doubt prove extremely beneficial for the network over the festive period.

Samsung U600 Purple

The U600 is already available in seven different colours including Black, Blue, Pink, White, Gold, Silver and Red, it is the only handset in the history of the mobile industry to be released in so many colours which goes to prove the handsets popularity in the UK.

Along with the attraction of the colours, the U600 offers an impressive feature set which includes a 3.2 megapixel camera with a built in flash or poor light conditions, a digital zoom for close up photography and support for video recording and playback of short video clips.
The handset features the manufacturers trademark smooth sliding action that protects the keys when closed and an extremely slim design with the overall depth measuring just 10.9mm, hence the official model name of Samsung SGH U600 Ultra Edition 10.9 Purple – a bit of a mouthful.

The U600 has a large 2.2 inch TFT screen for viewing and an expandable memory for storing photos, videos, games and applications created on the phone. Other features include Bluetooth for wireless transfer of files and connections with hands free devices, GPRS and EDGE technology for fast download speeds whilst using the built in internet browser and a document viewer for opening email attachments whilst out and about.

The outer purple casing differs slightly from the rest of the range with a metallic gloss finish, the other models are predominantly matt finished.

The purple edition of the U600 is the last colour to be released and completes the model line up, the manufacturer has announced many new models for the forthcoming year and so will now concentrate on those rather than more colour variants.

The purple U600 offers something different from the rest of the range as most of the colours released before it are also available with other manufacturers, this last addition is just in time for Christmas and will be available on the pay as you go deals preferred as gifts.

Sony Ericsson W880i Havana Gold Joins the Walkman Line-Up

The Sony Ericsson W880i is the slimmest Walkman mobile phone that the manufacturer have released to date, it features the latest Walkman software package for managing, organising and enhancing the music tracks stored in its memory.

So it comes as no surprise that a major UK network operator decided to strike a deal with the manufacturer for sole distribution rights for a new colour variant that seems to be making a presence in the mobile phone market.

Gold phones are a fairly recent colour addition to the mainstream blacks and greys, the first gold coloured phone was the Motorola V3i D&G (Dolce and Gabanna) designer handset, this particular model is still available today proving its appeal to the consumer audience.

The second gold model was the Samsung U600 which was not endorsed by any celebrities or designer labels but simply a new colour variant of the popular U-Series, again this handset still sees promotion from retailers today.

Then a different kind of gold handset was released by Nokia, the 8800 Sirocco gold edition actually featured an exterior casing manufactured from 18 carat Gold, this was a completely new development in the industry, encouraging other manufacturers to use expensive materials for their top of the range handsets, materials now include annodised aluminium, chrome plating and stainless steel.

With the popularity of gold coloured phones on the rise, Vodafone set about finding a new handset that already does well in the market place to brand as their own and they have found this in the new Sony Ericsson W880i.

This slim Walkman phone offers a 2.0 megapixel camera with a flash for poor light conditions, a digital zoom for close up photography and support for video recording and playback of short video clips.

The internal music player is a branded Walkman software product that can store up to 900 tracks and download, stream, store and play back music.

The Walkman software makes it easy to manage the music in the W880i. One click starts the Walkman music player, users can then play, rewind, fast forward, equalise, shuffle tracks and create playlists – just like in any other digital music player and the Walkman player supports several file formats including MP3 and AAC.

There is an additional piece of software called TrackID that helps users when they hear a song they like but do not know what it’s called. The user can simply record a few seconds of the song and use TrackID to send the music to the Gracenote Mobile MusicID database for recognition. In seconds, they will have the name, artist and album sent to the phone.

Users can also transfer tracks straight from a music CD to the handset by just dragging and dropping files on the screen of their PC. Disc2Phone CD-ripping software lets them fill the phone with their favourite songs with little fuss.
Another feature to the W880i is MegaBass, when bass frequencies are enhanced, you get a better overall music experience. Users can play their tracks loud and clear through high-quality headphones or external speakers whilst MegaBass adds depth, and stereo widening for a bigger sound. Let it thump.

The new Sony Ericsson W880i Gold only serves to enhance the appeal of the handset, the only downside to this agreement is that consumers will only be able to buy the phone directly from Vodafone either through their high street shops or from their website, however exclusive phones usually come with exclusive deals so the Sony Ericsson W880i Gold should fit most peoples budget.


Sony Ericsson W880i Gold Deals


LG Shine Pink KE970 Joins the Black & Silver LG Shine Range

Exclusive mobile phone models are becoming a far more common phenomenon in this age of tough competitive conditions within the mobile phones industry, manufacturers, networks and dealers are striving to find new ways of promoting their products and services to appeal to a wider audience to invite more sales and revenue.

It is not that often that a network operator or retailer will get sole rights to sell a particular model of phone, the deals being struck at the moment are more for colour variants of popular models to expand the personal appeal of a handset.

Pink plays a big factor in this exclusive deal making environment, this particular colour is aimed firmly in the direction of the female consumers who have only really had a choice of black and silver phones for many years. There are far more colour variants available, however pink is a real crowd pleaser when it comes to the female market.

The latest addition to the exclusive deal making is the LG KE970 Shine in Pink signed between LG Electronics and Orange the UK network operator. The LG Shine model was first released in a silver casing some four months ago and backed by a multimillion pound advertising and promotion campaign has been established as a mainstream handset offering style and sophistication. The second colour variant release was the LG Shine KE970 Titanium Edition which offered exactly the same specifications as the silver version but added a dark titanium casing making the handset a far more masculine offering.

So it comes as no surprise to find a female version of the phone launching onto the UK market, the LG Shine Pink, again this handset offers the same dimensions and features as the other models but comes encased in a bright pink exterior, one more factor that makes the handset appealing to women is the fact that when the main display is not in use it reverts to a vanity mirror which reflects light, hence the name Shine.

The KE970 has a large, full colour screen and incorporates a new form of navigational button just underneath, this new button allows the user to easily scroll through the menu functions as well as depress to select a desired option.

The Shine comes complete with a 2.0 megapixel camera with a flash for poor light conditions, a digital zoom function for close up picture capture and video support for recording short video clips and playing them back on the phones display.

There is also a music player that can be filled with music tracks by either uploading from a PC or downloading direct from the mobile internet before being arranged into playlists to suit genre, mood or tempo. To store the vast amount of files created with the camera and music player there is a substantial 1GB of internal memory.

Now that Orange have signed the exclusive deal with LG to distribute the LG Shine Pink, no other network, retailer or dealership will be able to sell the handset, this gives the network operator a great advantage in the run up to the always busy festive season.

Motorola W375 Mandarin Orange on T-Mobile

The latest addition to the Motorola W375 range is the new Motorola W375 Mandarin Orange. This new handset offers the same features as the Motorola W375 Black and Pink versions but with a new Orange exterior. The Motorola W375 is exclusive to T-Mobile and is available now on Pay As You Go.

Features include a digital camera with 4 x digital zoom, a web browser and a handsfree speakerphone function.

 The W375 also offers a substantial battery life of up to 10 days standby time between charges and has a built in FM Radio for music on the move.

The Motorola W375 Mandarin on Pay As You Go is a stylish flip phone that will meet most peoples budget.