Nokia N95 8GB on Vodafone Offers Better Battery and Memory

The N-Series range of Nokia mobile phones represents the manufacturers best technology, design and specifications and includes collaborations with top designers and experts in their industries such as Carl Zeiss.

The range is renowned as the manufacturers showcase for the very best of mobile technology that is born out of their secure research and development departments as a closely guarded secret.

The pinnacle handset is the Nokia N95, the manufacturers first 5 megapixel camera phone and also the first handset to feature the unique two way sliding mechanism that reveals some dedicated music control keys.

Nokia have now improved on their original design and released the Nokia N95 8GB, as the name suggests the internal memory has been expanded to a substantial 8GB on top of the 100MB dedicated to text messages.

The exterior colour has been changed from Sand, Graphite and Plum to a matt Black finish and the keys situated just below the main display screen have been raised slightly to increase useability, the screen itself has actually been enlarged buy a further .2 inches from 2.6 to 2.8 inches.

There has also been an addition of a removable lens covers to protect the high specification Carl Zeiss camera lens when not in use and this has also freed up enough space for a larger and more powerful Li-Ion 1200mAH battery which increases the standby time from 220 hours to 280 hours, the manufacturer has achieved this without having to adjust the overall dimensions of the handset which stay at 99 x 53 x 21mm.

The rest of the Nokia N95 features have stayed the same which includes the impressive 5.0 megapixel camera that offers auto focus for quick, simple and quality picture capture, a built-in flash for low light conditions and support for video recording and playback of short video clips.

The N95 8GB is also 3G enabled allowing for fast internet download times of new mobile content such as ringtones, games, themes, wallpapers and new applications, 3G also offers extended services such as news and sports headlines, weather forecasts, music tracks and movie trailers on demand.

There is a second camera situated at the top of the front of the handset that facilitates 3G video calling, this new technology allows users to see and hear the person calling and is now being used for many new productive uses in business such as remote viewing for office staff and showing customers potential sites whilst out on location.

The Nokia N95 8GB 3G smartphone is, as with the original version, a Quad Band GSM handset with GPRS, HSDPA, EDGE, and WiFi plus Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP Stereo support, miniUSB and infra-red allowing for a multitude of connections and communication options. Equipped with an integrated GPS based satellite navigation system with mapsĀ  covering over 100 countries pre-installed, the 8Gb Nokia N95 enables access to emails, online content, ability to view email attachments with the office document viewer and plan appointments and keep on schedule with its on board organiser.

Now that the N95 has the 8GB extended memory there is far more room for storage of music files created with the integrated music player, users can now create playlists to suit mood, tempo or genre and listen to them via Bluetooth devices such as headsets and speakers.

Palm One Treo 500v PDA phone on Vodafone

It is that time of year again when the UK mobile phone network operators are busy finalising exclusive deals with the manufacturers giving them sole rights to market the new products.

This year has been all about the colour variant, the networks have been fighting amongst themselves to sign deals for new colour versions of popular mobile phones and it seems that this year Vodafone have opted for the Gold coloured handsets by securing a deal with Sony Ericsson for three new gold mobile phones.

The most recent addition that Vodafone have managed to get the exclusive sales channel for is not a colour variant, neither is it a normal flip, slide or candy bar mobile phone, it is in fact a powerful PDA phone manufactured by Handspring who are better known as Palm One.

This new device is officially called the Treo 500, however Vodafone have rebranded this to Treo 500v, the ‘v’ obviously standing for Vodafone. This is not a new marketing ploy by the network, they have a range of handsets that they have branded with a V, sometimes at the start of the model number as in Sony Ericsson V640i and sometimes at the end as with the Treo 750v.

Interestingly, the Treo 500v is a direct upgrade to the 750v, confusing as new models usually have higher model numbers but true none the less. The new Treo 500v weighs and measures less than the 750v and introduces some important software upgrades and new features.

The 500v runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system and offers the full qwerty keyboard as seen in all palm devices, the outer casing is manufactured from a metal alloy as opposed to plastic which gives the handset a feeling of quality and expense, a definite advantage over other PDA smartphones.

Although the 500v does not offer a touchscreen, text input is easy with the well spaced keys so writing and editing emails and text messages is made quick and simple. WiFi is also present for wireless connections to hotspots, intranets and other devices as is Bluetooth with A2DP stereo support, this allows for stereo broadcast of any music tracks to compatible headphones and speakers.

The Treo 500v is a 3G enabled device which facilitates fast download speeds of email attachments, new applications and mobile content such as themes, wallpapers, ringtones and games. Using 3G services also keeps the user up to date with the latest news and sports headlines, weather reports, new movie trailers and music videos plus support for streaming media.

The 500v has a 2.0 megapxiel camera with a built-in flash for low light levels, a digital zoom for close up picture capture and supports video recording and playback of short clips. There is also a secondary VGA camera dedicated to video calling, with 3G the user can not only hear the person they are conversing with but also see them on the screen of their handset. This feature is particularly useful in business where workers are out in the field, they can relay information back to the office in realtime rather than having to verbally explain the situation.

The Treo 500v supports a number of common pocket editions of mobile software such as internet explorer, word, excel and pocket office applications, this gives the handset an edge over others as the user can literally take their work with them when leaving the office.

The Palm One Treo 500v is a powerful handheld device that offers the latest communications and connections technology and with the extra software and applications, makes staying in touch whilst on the move a far easier and simpler experience.

Sony V640i Gold Edition on Vodafone – Gold Sony Ericsson V640

Vodafone are the biggest mobile phone network operator in the UK and have used their weight to secure exclusive rights with the manufacturer Sony Ericsson for three new models. These new additions are all offered in gold coloured casings and branded as Havana Gold editions by the network, they include the Sony Ericsson W910i Havana Gold, Sony Ericsson W880i Havana Gold and the Sony Ericsson V640i Havana Gold.

What is interesting about the new V640i gold is that it has actually been released ahead of the standard colour version which is due to be launched in black very soon, this is the first time this has happened in the mobile phone industry and has a lot of retailers and dealers up in arms as the gold model is exclusive to Vodafone and no other outlets are allowed to sell the device. Ordinarily, the base colour versions of new models are released first to gage an overall consumer interest in the phone, successful models are then launched in different colours to attract different cliental. So to see a colour variant available before the base model has been released is very uncommon indeed.

Aside from the anger of the retailers who cannot market this product, the handset offers some top of the range features and specifications and Vodafone are set to profit from the exclusive revenues generated from sales of this handset.

The Sony V640i Gold offers exactly the same features and specifications as the base Black model but incorporates a beautiful gold casing giving the handset a sense of worth and sophistication. The phone is 3G enabled opening up a world of multimedia and informational services from the mobile internet, users can gain access to the latest news and sports headlines, new movie trailers and pre release music videos as well as download new mobile content such as games, ringtones, music tracks, wallpapers and themes. 3G connections facilitate fast download speeds similar to that of broadband making viewing email attachments and streaming media a quick and pleasurable experience, there is also a dedicated secondary camera for making and receiving video calls where the caller can actually see and hear the person they are conversing with.

The main camera offers 2.0 megapixels with a built-in flash for low light conditions, a digital zoom for close up photography, auto focus for quick, easy and quality picture capture and support for video recording and playback of short video clips.

The Sony V640i Gold is compatible with Vodafones DJ Streaming Service where users can listen to dJs as they work, there is also another feature called VideoDJ which lets the user edit and cut video clips which can then be uploaded direct to their mobile blog, this is also available for still pictures so the user can simply add some text to a photo they have captured and send it directly to their blog so that friends and family can keep up to date with their movements and experiences.

The new Sony Ericsson V640i Gold Edition is a big improvement on the original V630i, the overall design is far sleeker and the features have been expanded to accommodate music and camera lovers alike.


Sony Ericsson V640i Gold Deals


Nokia 3500 Classic Mobile Phone

Bringing models numbers of previous handsets back from the dead is not something that any other mobile manufacturer has attempted before. But Nokia have taken the leap and followed the successful marketing ploys of the film and fashion industries that is commonly known as retro.

This form of marketing is based on releasing previously successful products such as clothing, jewelry and television programs in a new guise but with the same name to squeeze extra revenue. The TV industry are probably the best known for this by releasing remakes of old classic films and series that were popular before but giving them todays influences. This is very much the case with Nokia’s latest Classic Series range of mobile phones, both models hold exactly the same model numbers as previous models but they also both offer todays technology, features and design.

The first of the Classic range launches was the Nokia 6500, the original of this model number was a groundbreaking handset that offered the first blue backlit screen of any Nokia as well as clean cut squared design and small stature. The current model accentuates all of these factors by being the slimmest Nokia phone to date at only 9.5mm in depth, is manufactured from seamless anodized aluminum and offers 3G services including video calling and fast download speeds.

To compliment the range, Nokia have now released their second model, the Nokia 3500 Classic, the original handset will be remembered for its appeal to fashion followers looking for the next big thing, it was a two tone phone with a budget price but offered sleek design, simple functionality and a long battery life. The same can be said for the latest 3500 model, it is a typical candy bar format with no flips, slides or twists that is surrounded by a stylish metal frame that gives the handset a retro look with minimalist design, the keypad is surrounded by colourful lines that frame each key and light up when the phone is in use or receiving an incoming call or text message.

The battery life lives up to its namesake as well, providing a substantial 12 days of standby time in between charges whilst the phonebook caters for that very basic need of space for extra names by offering a 2000 entry contacts list.

The Nokia 3500 Classic offers a camera whereas the original did not, this is not surprising though as many of the phones available at the time of the same price range also did not provide a camera. The camera offers 2.0 megapixels with a flash for poor light conditions, a digital zoom for close up photography and support for video capture and playback. The new 3500 also offers Bluetooth technology for wireless transfer of files to compatible devices, it can also be used to connect with Bluetooth enabled headsets and hands free car kits for safe driving whilst conversing.

Fast internet browsing, email support and downloading is achieved with the introduction of GPRS and EDGE technology which makes surfing and purchasing online extremely fast and efficient.
Also present is an MP3 player that can be filled with music tracks by either uploading from a PC using a data cable or downloading direct from the mobile internet.

Although it may sound as though the new model offers far more in the way of features and technology, when compared to handset in the same price range as the original handset the two models are very much alike. The first 3500 Nokia phone was innovative and stylish, it was a functional yet desirable handset that fell into most peoples budget, the new 3500 Classic offers these same advantages and compliments the Classic range well.

Nokia 6500 Classic on Pay As You Go

In general, the pay as you go or pre paid market is the realm of the bottom to middle end mobile handsets that do not cost too much. This keeps overall costs down for the general consumer who has decided to buy a pay as you go phone because they do not want the expense of a contract over 12 or 18 months.

There are of course other reasons that customers decide to opt for pay as you go phones rather than the normal contract offerings, when buying a pay as you go handset there is no need to pass a credit check. This is an important factor as one on four UK residents cannot pass credit checks for a mobile phone contract.

The network operators set their own thresholds for credit checks and some are more stringent than others and after failing a credit check consumers are left with only two options should they still wish to own a mobile phone.

The first is a SIM free purchase, this involves buying the handset without any contractual agreement, network attachment or connection but ultimately this freedom comes at a price. the cheaper option is to purchase a pay as you go mobile phone that are subsidized by the networks and work out less expensive than buying outright.

So, the majority of handsets available on pay as you go are low to mid range phones, they ordinarily offer a mid range camera such as a 2.0 megapixel, a music player and bluetooth support, this is usually as much as the average consumer demands from a mobile phone.

However, the latest addition to the pay as you go market is very different, the new Nokia 6500 Classic is a high end handset that is 3G enabled and officially the slimmest Nokia mobile phone available at only 9.5mm thin.
This will make some consumers very happy as the scope of technology has suddenly opened to include new features and design in a desirable handset.

The Nokia 6500 Classic on Pay As You Go is manufactured from seamless anodized aluminum, the only one of its kind, it has a 2.0 megapixel camera with a flash for poor light conditions, a digital zoom for close up photography and supports video playback and recording, however the most impressive features of the 6500 are centered around the fact that the handset is 3G enabled.

3G video calling is facilitated by a secondary camera for face to face video calling, users are also able to surf the internet at high broadband like speeds as well as download new mobile content such as ring tones, games and wallpapers. 3G services opens up a world of new multimedia and informational services including streaming video clips, new movie trailers and the latest release music tracks.

To see a phone of this caliber available on the pay as you go network is a real change with the norm and a sign that the market is changing and operators are now accommodating the very people that they have turned down for credit when applying for a contract mobile phone.