Nokia showcases a bendable phone the Nokia Kinetic

Wouldn’t it be great to have a bendable phone? You can bend it place it in your back pocket and never worry about forgetting about it when you sit. If you did that with today’s smartphones such as the iPhone 4S or the Samsung Galaxy S2, you might end up with a shattered screen. Nokia plans to change this. Featured at the Nokia World 2011 in London is the Nokia Kinetic.

This phone is meant to be bent and twisted. With both hands on each side of the phone, you can pull down one corner, which scrolls down. Twisting the opposite edge will scroll up. If you bend the phone upwards, this will zoom in on images or selects an action. If you bend it backwards, this zooms out or goes back through other options.

The only problem with this handset is working through its functions with just one hand. Other than that, it does show what the future holds for mobile technology. According to the people presenting the phone, the phone is ideal for people who are wearing gloves or for those who have cold hands.

Although the Nokia Kinetic was a cool concept phone, the Finnish phone manufacturer does need something else to get back in the game especially with Apple and Android leading the pack. Can they do this with the Nokia Lumia 800, the Lumia 710, and future Windows Phone handsets? This remains to be seen.


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