Nokia E90 – The new Nokia Communicator

Nokia have generated a dedicated following around their 9000 series handsets otherwise known as the Nokia Communicator. So now with a new model number will the faithful warm to the new Nokia E90?

Nokia have always been at the forefront of mobile phones technology, releasing new models on an almost weekly basis and continually packing in more and more features.  The amazing thing is that even with the extra features, software and increased memory, the size of the phones themselves have actually got a lot smaller due in no small part to micro technology.

The size of a chip needed to power a simple green backlit screen 5 years ago can now power a 42 inch monitor and Nokia have embraced this new technology and strive to offer the consumer as many features as physically possible in their new releases.

The Nokia E90 Communicator is a perfect example.

The first Nokia communicators were part of the 9000 series that was originally available well over 6 years ago. They were big and bulky by todays standards and although impressive at the time would be sneared at by todays modern gadget users.  The 9000 series communicator was in fact as big as a brick and to carry it you would need at least an extra bag if not your suitcase.

Following on from the Nokia 9000 series is the new Nokia E90 at just 210g in weight and only 20mm thick, this new handset is an absolute marvel.

The closest mobile phones that resemble the new E90 are its direct predecessors, the Nokia 9300i and Nokia 9500. The design is similar in as much as the external corners are far more squared than the original 9000 series phones and the exterior display screen uses full colour graphics unlike the mono green offered before.

Although the overall dimensions have shrunk compared to previous models, the E90 still offers the trademark hinged display and a full Qwerty keyboard.  Now you will also find 3G support, one of the most useful technologies for information hunters and busy professionals, instant access to the internet via broadband speeds, fast download of new mobile content such as ringtones, games and applications, convenient email access with support for file attachments to keep in touch with clients and the office whilst out and about plus a whole world of media content including the latest news and sport headlines and new movie trailers.

There is also an MP3 player and FM Radio for those moments when you do get some time to yourself. The Nokia E90 also offers a 3.2 megapixel camera with video capture and playback and a built-in flash – ideal for snapping work pictures and sending via email to the office.

A problem encountered in the past with the communicator phones was there never seemed to be enough memory, Nokia have resolved this issue by installing a MicroSD card slot for memory expansion of up to 2GB using memory cards. These cards also allow for easy file transfer between the phone and compatible devices such as computers and TVs. There is also USB support so you can plug the E90 directly into a PCs USB port and transfer files that way.

Compared to previous communicator phones the E90 will easily fit into a trouser or suit pocket making this model a real mobile office solution.

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  • Phillip Lou

    February 17, 2011

    Will this USB port be capable of supporting a printer ?
    Please advise.


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