Nokia 7500 Prism is a Geometric Futurism

Nokia are the leading mobile phone manufacturer in the UK based in no small part to their innovative approach to design. Their latest ‘fashion phone’ represents a new generation of stylish handsets using 3D and geometric shapes for a stylish finish.

 Nokia have led the way in the mobile market for the past 11 years, wowing consumers with new technology, design and innovation around the world.

The manufacturer has not stood idle with its latest mobile phone design and has gone back to the drawing board with the original candy-bar layout but with a very different twist that has not been seen before.

The Nokia 7500 Prism represents a design rethink on fashion phones, rather than opting to attach a famous clothing designers name or install high end photographic lenses, Nokia have redesigned the candy-bar phone into a futuristic looking 3D masterpeice.

Nokia 7500

The outer casing of the Prism features raised 3D triangles both front and back giving an overall appearance of expense and class. The keys that make up the front of the handset are also in triangular formation which blends perfectly with the overall design of the phone.

The Nokia 7500 Prism offers a lot more than just futuristic looks, it is filled with the latest technology including a 2.0 megapixel camera supporting video record and playback, built-in flash and digital zoom. An MP3 player and FM Radio allows users to upload their favourite music tracks and create playlists or tune into their local radio station whilst out and about.

The 2 inch OLED display offers a maximum 16 million colours for viewing pictures, video clips and downloads in high quality.

There are no shortage of data transfer routes either with a USB connection for direct PC communication and GPRS and EDGE technology for fast download speeds of new mobile content such as music, games, ringontes and themes. Bluetooth is also present for swapping pictures and video clips with friends and connecting to handsfree car kits for safe speech whilst driving.

To make room for all of the pictures, video clips, content downloads and music tracks there is a MicroSD card slot allowing for memory expansion up to a massive 2GB.

The casing can personalised with three different coloured strips which come in the package which are interchangeable with the band around the outside of the phone. This is a very light handset weighing in at just 82g and with overall dimensions of 109 x 43.9 x 14.4 mm will comfortably fit most pockets.

The 7500 also offers a web browser and push email support so this handset could even make it into the lives of busy professionals.

There is another version of this phone planned for release soon known as the Nokia 7900, the specifications are almost identical with the addition of 3G for video calling and even faster download speeds. Three colour schemes are planned for the 7500 Prism, Black, White and Red and all featured the intechangeable colour ‘accents’ for personalisation.

The Nokia 7500 Prism sets itself apart from other phones on the market with its geometric design and high specification features, this not just another phone for the fashion followers but a phone that competes with the latest model releases for high technology and will appeal to a broader market requiring a phone to not only look good but to deliver the latest communication package.

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    December 26, 2007

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