Nokia 6500 Classic on Pay As You Go

In general, the pay as you go or pre paid market is the realm of the bottom to middle end mobile handsets that do not cost too much. This keeps overall costs down for the general consumer who has decided to buy a pay as you go phone because they do not want the expense of a contract over 12 or 18 months.

There are of course other reasons that customers decide to opt for pay as you go phones rather than the normal contract offerings, when buying a pay as you go handset there is no need to pass a credit check. This is an important factor as one on four UK residents cannot pass credit checks for a mobile phone contract.

The network operators set their own thresholds for credit checks and some are more stringent than others and after failing a credit check consumers are left with only two options should they still wish to own a mobile phone.

The first is a SIM free purchase, this involves buying the handset without any contractual agreement, network attachment or connection but ultimately this freedom comes at a price. the cheaper option is to purchase a pay as you go mobile phone that are subsidized by the networks and work out less expensive than buying outright.

So, the majority of handsets available on pay as you go are low to mid range phones, they ordinarily offer a mid range camera such as a 2.0 megapixel, a music player and bluetooth support, this is usually as much as the average consumer demands from a mobile phone.

However, the latest addition to the pay as you go market is very different, the new Nokia 6500 Classic is a high end handset that is 3G enabled and officially the slimmest Nokia mobile phone available at only 9.5mm thin.
This will make some consumers very happy as the scope of technology has suddenly opened to include new features and design in a desirable handset.

The Nokia 6500 Classic on Pay As You Go is manufactured from seamless anodized aluminum, the only one of its kind, it has a 2.0 megapixel camera with a flash for poor light conditions, a digital zoom for close up photography and supports video playback and recording, however the most impressive features of the 6500 are centered around the fact that the handset is 3G enabled.

3G video calling is facilitated by a secondary camera for face to face video calling, users are also able to surf the internet at high broadband like speeds as well as download new mobile content such as ring tones, games and wallpapers. 3G services opens up a world of new multimedia and informational services including streaming video clips, new movie trailers and the latest release music tracks.

To see a phone of this caliber available on the pay as you go network is a real change with the norm and a sign that the market is changing and operators are now accommodating the very people that they have turned down for credit when applying for a contract mobile phone.

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  • Imran

    January 22, 2008

    The Nokia 6500 Slide is an imaging focused 3G handset, which comes with an impressive camera feature complete with Carl Zeiss™ optics. The 3.2 megapixel camera comes with a Carl Zeiss™ lens & 8 x digital zoom which allows the user to get a close up shot every time the camera is used. The auto focus feature allows the user to capture a clear shot & the double LED flash allows the user to capture the perfect lighting for their photo. The double LED flash is a powerful flash which ensure that a bright & clear photo is captured whether the user be indoors or outdoors.



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