New Leaked Pictures Suggest That The New Nokia Lumia 1020 Will Sport An Impressive Camera

Nokia were once the leading name for mobile phones but recently their popularity has decreased. The Finnish manufacturers are looking to rectify this by releasing some high profile new model. Recently we saw the new Nokia Lumia 925 hit shelves and now a second premium device is rumoured to be launched soon. New images of this handset suggest that it will come complete with one of the best camera facilities around. lumia 925

The new model in question is reportedly named the Nokia Lumia 1020 and over the past few days we have seen a number of press renders of this new handset hit the internet. The latest of these has been posted by the official Evleaks Twitter account, a source that has become a reliable source of breaking technology news. Some users have spotted that the interface pictured on the handset shows a tile that is labelled “Nokia Pro Cam”. This suggests that the camera feature on the phone will be very different from the standard version featured on other lumia devices such as the Nokia Lumia 925. Asides from this difference the picture looks similar to the majority of other Lumia devices with no major changes in terms of design.

It is widely acknowledged that Nokia will be releasing a new mobile phone which offers a 41 megapixel camera over the coming days. An event has been scheduled for July 11th and this is where this new device is set to make its first appearance. In light of the latest Evleaks images it is now believed that the model set to be revealed could well be the new Lumia 1020. The handset will be Nokia’s first phone carrying the new Amber update to the Windows platform. ALong with the updated software the model is also tipped to carry some excellent specification which will include 32GB of internal storage and a high resolution screen that uses the very latest OLED technology.

It looks that Nokia are set to follow up the release of the new Nokia Lumia 925 with another high end device. This new model is set to be the Lumia 1020 which looks as though it may feature the very best camera facilities on the market and will become part of the impressive range of models which includes the Nokia Lumia 820.

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